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WELCOME   Tucked away down a laneway in the vast metropolis of the internet, you’ll find The Lounge.  There’s no cover charge so you can visit every week for free.   It’s the kind of place where you can make yourself at home. The lighting is flatteringly dim and the red velvet couches are comfy and inviting.   Fancy a drink? The bar’s right over there and it’s always happy hour. You can kick back and enjoy the music or bust out some killer moves on the dance floor. It’s up to you.    
ENTERTAINMENT   From dirty nappies to Dirty Dancing, nothing’s off limits in The Lounge! We want to hear about the stuff that excites you, makes you cry or makes you tear your hair out with frustration.    Not forgetting the stuff that makes you cringe with embarrassment or laugh until you pee!   Each week we’ll suggest a different topic – this keeps things interesting and gives us all something to talk about.   So get ready to share your stories – you’re among friends so no need to be shy!  We’ll be sharing ours, and would love to hear yours too.
LOCATION   Each week The Lounge will be hosted on a different blog. These blogs belong to our two “Lounge Lizards” and you can find out about them below.
OPENING HOURS & ENTRY   Sunday:    We’ll announce the theme and location for The Lounge this week on   Facebook and Twitter   Thursday:  The Lounge is open! You can link up a post any time from 6.00am Thursday morning through to Sunday night at 8pm
I don’t have a blog! Can I still spill my guts in The Lounge?   YES! Please post any thoughts you’d like to share on the topic for that week on our Facebook page anytime.
The Lounge Facebook Page:  Each week The Lounge host will do a round-up of all Facebook posts and share them on their blog. It’s kind of like blogging but without actually needing to have a blog!
THE LOUNGE – LOVE-ITS AND LEAVE-ITS   First of all, The Lounge is a happy place.   Ladies, your bum does not look big in those jeans. Beyonce herself would be begging for a booty like that. And gents? Your guns look HUGE in that shirt.   So while we’re not really big on rules there are a few things we’d love you to do while you’re here and a few things we’d rather you leave outside…
Lounge “Love-its”   If you link up a post it would be great if you could stay and socialise for a little while. Check out some of the other posts and leave a comment if the spirit moves you.   That’s how conversations start and beautiful friendships are created!
Lounge “Leave-it’s”   You may be surprised to learn The Lounge has a door policy! It’s very simple…   NO ASSHOLES ALLOWED.   We encourage debate and welcome viewpoints from across the spectrum. But if you are rude, racist, homophobic, or choose to make personal attacks on other patrons then you will not be welcome.



Tegan is the self confessed Queen of Awesome and worshiper of vodka.  She is the ruler of the inappropriate and says what you are all thinking but are too chicken shit to say.  Tegan regularly has her ranty pants on because frankly they are more comfortable than denim undies.  It’s a public service really.   She can be seen talking things mental illness, parenting and lamenting the stupidity of the world at Musings of the Misguided.

Twitter: @misguidedmuser


Please, call her Robo.    She’s a high school teacher by day which is why she blogs in disguise.  She says she needs to stay incognito – she wouldn’t cope with teenagers googling her whilst on playground duty.  Robo is also a parent of 2 and a wife to Man.  She’s a busy lady.  ALL the time.    To prove her existence, she attended a few bloggy events and since then, has fallen in love with all things Blog.     Robo reflects on big issues, personal experiences and fitting it all in.  She ponders over at Robomum.
Twitter: @robomumblog


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