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Trashy Tv is good for you!

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I’ve made it no secret that I enjoy a bit of trashy television.  With posts about vjazzling and lingerie football, I really couldn’t hide the fact.  Everyone’s definition of trasy tv is a little bit different. Some people think Neighbours is trashy tv, these people *cough cough* Devil Papa *cough cough* are also glad that looks can’t kill. read more

FFS Friday First for 2013!

FFS Friday time again!  The holidays give ample opportunity for plenty of FFS moments.

It has been ridiculously hot here this week. Looking at the weather forecast you would think that the temperatures aren’t too bad but we live in Rockhampton. The humidity fucks you over. I have sweat pouring off me at 9am in the morning FFS read more

Say it like you mean it

Edenland This week is all about saying sorry…for anything and everything.

I’m sorry that I was in to the too hard basket.  I’m sorry that you’re easy fix didn’t work.  I’m sorry that I push anyone away who gets too close.  I’m sorry that I still think about hurting myself even though you think I shouldn’t. read more