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Annoying people at the cinema


Mr 6 and I go to the cinema quite regularly.  We get cheap tickets through Telstra so it isn’t quite so expensive.  I just love the whole experience of going to the movies and seeing something on the big screen.  However going to the movies regularly means that you get to come into contact with some *delightful* members of society.  read more

Being a real woman

On social media lately I have been noticing an influx of posts about ‘keeping it real’ aimed at women.  These posts have always been there of course, but I seem to be taking notice of them a lot more.  I think it’s possibly because they are getting under my skin, we all know that the more we think about something, the more we notice it happening around us. read more

The conversation isn’t lost

Every week there seems to be a new article or blog post telling us how the ‘art’ of conversation has been lost.  They tell us that the invention and growth of social media and smart phones means that we aren’t talking to people anymore.  The articles make reference to seedy chat rooms and faces in phones instead of paying attention to the conversation around them. read more