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Public education isn’t free

school lounge

Next Tuesday Mr 5 is off to start Prep.  We have the giant pile of stationary needed, all the books and the copy paper.  Yep that’s right, copy paper.  The government is funding public schools so poorly now that parents have to provide paper for the school.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t begrudge the school for asking for it, but I do side-eye the government for letting it happen.On social media over the last week or so there have been a few posts talking about the needs for starting school.  There are different pieces of technology, requested brands and sometimes a list as long as your arm of stationary that needs to be bought.  There’s also a lot of misinformation about those needs and a lot of complaining. read more

Hot weather and smelly bins

*I received two Air Wick Decorative Jar Candles for the purpose of this review.  As always all opinions are my own*

This summer has been hot, hot, hot.  Looking back at my timehop app (seriously how cool is it!) I’ve realised that this isn’t the hottest summer we’ve had, not by a long shot.  However I think this is the most consistently hot summer we’ve had.  Not even sporadic rainfall has cooled the weather down, in fact I think it made it worse! read more