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Checking in

I have been feeling quite overwhelmed lately.  I have kept the mask on, smiled but on the inside, and when I am alone, I fall apart.  The anxiety overwhelms me and I have a sense of foreboding, just waiting for bad things to happen.  This has meant that I am engaging in a little (ok a lot) of head in the sand behaviour.  So I want to take stock with the help of Pip, for myself, to show that I am doing ok.  Even if I feel like I am not. read more

Leave Me Alone

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Image credit

I had an ‘ah ha’ moment in a psychologist appointment recently.  Not immediately, it is one of those thoughts that has been eating away,  burrowing under the skin and demanding to be worked out.  It was a passing comment about Mr 4’s sleep that I agreed with and didn’t give another thought to until a few days later. read more

Housos live next to me!

Sometimes I feel like I live next this lot!

Sometimes I feel like I live next this lot!

Welcome to another get together at The Lounge! I hope you will settle in for a drink or too and stay around to share a tale! This week I want to know all about your neighbours.  I’m nosy like that!

I live in a housing commission house.  Because they like to jam as many houses into one area as possible, I also have the *joy* of having 4 neighbours.  When I first moved in, I couldn’t have asked for better neighbours.  Sure we had our ups and downs, like the banjo playing mormons and the women who used to flog my catalogues but overall it was nothing to really complain about. read more

Where do I go now?

I must confess that I am at a crossroads.

I have fingers that itch to write but here I am staring at the blank screen, the blinking cursor mocking my indecisive actions.  I want to write, but I don’t know where to start.  I have no idea if it is a sense of too much to write which is overwhelming me or if my mind really is the echo chamber that it feels like. read more