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Packing my baggage

What will you take with you?

When I first saw this prompt I thought it was a bit morbid and it meant what will you take into the ‘afterlife’ if you believe in that stuff.  No, it’s about what will I take with me into 2013.  It’s sad but I will most likely carry a lot of baggage. Not good baggage (is it ever) but baggage that I need to leave behind. read more

Your Dream Destination

Today’s prompt is What was your dream destination in 2012? 

One of my besties lives 6 hours away.  To the seasoned traveller that may not seem very far away but to me it is an eternity.  I don’t drive and Papa Devil has a boss that is a dick.  As it is, his boss is dragging his feet about giving Papa Devil an extra two weeks over the Christmas Break. His second ‘holiday’ since we’ve been together I might add.  He normally just works his way around the 10 or so days that the boss gives them off.  For someone who runs a shop on his own, 5 days a week, with no help, this is either dedication or pure stupidity.  I go between the two depending how things are going. read more

What do you really wish for?