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Gym Junkie

Today I did the unthinkable…..I did a gym class.  I found muscles that I not only did not know existed but I thought they had possibly shrivelled up and died.  Who knew that there were so many muscles in your arse!

I did a cardio circuit for an hour all I can say is……holy fuck!  I’m just sitting on the couch and my thighs are aching.  There is a good chance that I won’t be able to walk tomorrow. Half way through I wasn’t sure if I would be able to walk out of the room.   read more

Hard Work

Whoever said hard work never hurt anyone obviously hasn’t seen my hand :s  It’s my mouse clicking finger too so it’s really hurting like a bitch.

To try and ‘pass the time’ I’ve started weeding.  Yes she who detests the outdoors is weeding her backyard.  Don’t worry this is most likely only a short lived endevour and my yard will go back to the jungle it once was again. read more