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Letting my mind blossom

There was a time, only a few years ago, that I believed that having a mental illness defined me, that there was nothing else about me.  I knew logically that I was other things, but we all know that logic and thoughts don’t always go hand in hand when you are in the middle of disordered thinking. read more

Are we building kids up too high?

self esteem, core beliefs

Self esteem is such a fragile thing. It can be built up or destroyed with the utterance of one word or a look that isn’t perceived well. Self esteem helps us to make the decisions in our life, whether they be for good or bad.Core beliefs play a big role in developing self esteem. When a child is supported by those around them, their self esteem can soar. However I think that there needs to be a middle ground between supporting everything that our children do, and giving them a reality check when they need it. I believe that this balance helps children to develop healthy self esteem. read more

How to keep mentally well with diet and exercise

Welcome to The Lounge!  This week the theme is Food and I have a guest post from Kylie Ofiu about how she uses diet and exercise to manage her mental health. 

Before I start, I want to be clear that I don’t think diet and exercise should replace medication or professional help completely. They do have a significant effect on your mental health, but since conditions vary greatly, it is always best to use medication if needed and continue to get professional help. read more