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Housework is bad for you

I have never professed to be love doing housework or even be any good at it. In fact if you ever see me saying how much I love it, it’s safe to assume that my body has been taken over by aliens and the authorities should be contacted immediately.  However it goes much deeper than this.  Studies* have shown that housework is in fact bad for you.  I have unfortunately learned this the hard way and so to save you the pain I thought I would share with you my experiences. read more

Mental Health..more than just the surface

Mental health self esteem

I have made no secret of my disdain for the local public mental health system.  I seem to get handed the bottom of the barrel case manager and lately the doctors are not much better.  I am currently seeing the head psychiatrist..but this doesn’t mean that I am receiving better treatment for my Mental Health. read more

You can keep your bandwagon

The trouble with being on social media is that you see every single bandwagon there is to be jumped on.  I admit to jumping on a few, when they interest me or are something that I feel strongly about. What I don’t like is being persecuted because I don’t want in on the joy ride.  I chose what I want to be outraged about, I don’t need your opinion forced on me.
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