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Chicken and Vegetable Nuggets

I hate veggies. At least veggies on their own.  I can handle them in a bake or mixed in with other stuff so that I can’t taste them.  Devil Spawn hates them just as much, so veggie smuggling is pretty important around here.  One food that Devil Spawn does love though is chicken nuggets.  He’d eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I let him but sadly they aren’t particularly nutrious.  That’s when I got thinking about how I could combine veggie smuggling with Devil Spawns favourite foods and Chicken and Vegetable nuggests were born.  I try to have pureed veggies in the freezer all the time so that I can add them to spag bog and other easy foods. read more

Sanity Saviour

Depression and other Mental Illnesses can zap you of any energy or motivation you have.  Sometimes the medications used to treat these can have an even worse effect. I have never made it a secret that I don’t like housework. So I wanted to share with you what I do to make things easier each day. Things that make things run a little smoothly. read more

Creamy Cheese Chicken Pasta

I pretty much suck at all things housewife.  Give me a hammer and some tools and I might be a bit more comfortable.  When I do have a bit of a housewife win though I just have to share it with someone! You lucky devils!  Today’s housewife offerings are a recipe for Creamy Cheese Chicken Pasta.  I got the basic recipe off the jar of Cheese Spread. Who knew you could use it to cook with!? Then I added my own little lazy housewife touches.=&0=&=&1=&. (Yes I’m serious, trust me on this)=&2=& (I used Honey Multigrain)=&3=&. ( I used two but if you are feeding more than 1 adult and a fussy toddler I would suggest more)=&4=& (I used brown onion but it would be nice with spring onions or red onion)=&5=& (or bacon)=&6=&=&7=& (I say veggies but all I added was corn)=&8=& (Because I am mum to a toddler all we had was simpsons pasta, it would taste nice with macaroni though)=&9=&

1.  Dice the chicken and place in a frypan. Cook until heated through. Put the pasta on at the same time. Or if you are lazy like me just chuck them in the microwave.
2.  Add diced onion. Cook until onion is soft.
3.  Add Veggies.
4.  Add the Ham. If you chose to use bacon then it would probably be a good idea to add it earlier but ham is so much easier to use. 
5.  Add a splash of milk, 3 massive tablespoons of cheese spread and mustard to the frypan.
6.  Mix well, until everything is coated nicely with the cheese spread mixture. 
7.  Add a hanful of shredded cheese and mix well.  You will have a nice cheesy mixture.
8.  Combine the pasta and cheesy chicken.
9.  Take your pants off before consuming. read more