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5 More tips for better sleep

Sleep and the musings household has a bit of a love hate relationship.  We are very rarely in sync together but when we are, it’s magical.  A few weeks ago my sleep got completely turned on it’s head.  I was barely sleep at night, stealing a few hours during the day and starting the process all over again.  Nothing was getting done and something had to give. read more

Easter Wholefoods Book Review

easter ebook review

*I received one copy of Live it, Do it, Easter book for the purpose of this review.  As always all opinions are my own.*

I don’t know about anyone else but I have not been feeling Easter this year and procrastination is in overdrive.  I still haven’t gotten all of our Easter eggs and the motivation just isn’t there this year.  I usually get super excited about Easter and setting everything up read for the Bunny to arrive.  I mean, it’s a holiday that encourages the over consumption of chocolate. What’s not to love!? read more

February Goals

I promised that I would keep every one up to date with my goals for this year.  I have already found a few hiccups in my plan, but that is the beauty of goals, you can always reevaluate to make them more attainable.

The thing that I am seeing a change in is how I see the goals.  I am more lax, while still keeping my eye on the prize.  I have removed the guilt and realised that I do have limitations and that my goals need to suit me, not anyone else.  I also noticed that on the days when I sat down and wrote myself a to do list, that I was achieving more.  Without that guiding me, I was kind of floundering and not really getting a whole lot done. read more