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A little compassion ploise

One of the major things that stopped me from going to classes at the gym was that I didn’t want to be the fat chick struggling through the class while all the gym bunnies breezed through it.  How I was wrong.  You know what? I am glad that I am wrong…at least at my gym anyway. read more

Thin people exercise too

As I’ve already stated quite a few times I’ve recently started the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation (4 weeks in to be exact :O) and I’ve had a few aha! moments while doing it.

By far the biggest aha! moment has been ‘even skinny people need to exercise’.  When we ‘diet’ most of us have this hidden misconception that when it’s all over and we are looking hot we can just go back to how we were living before but still keep our svelte bodies. WRONG! read more

Can you smell the fear….

The final countdown to the 12 week challenge is on….
I’ve been slowly increasing my exercise regime and going to the gym more often.  I just need to stop having a milo with 4 tablespoons of milo in it.

I did my grocery shopping this week and thankfully no Tim Tams or Grainwaves jumped into the basket.  I did however splurge on some ridiculously overpriced bananas (Oh how I have missed bananas). read more

It all starts here….

This week I signed up for the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation.  It’s quite possibly a eek what the fuck have I done moment.

In typical me fashion after I signed up I ate a large pizza and a packet of tim tams.  Hello self sabotage!  It’s been hanging around in the wings for months.  I’m hoping that this program really gets me in the right headspace.  I need this! I’m sick of not liking what is in the mirror.   read more