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A Late Diagnosis and Faded Memories

Today on the blog I have Eva who is sharing her story of PND and how it impacted on her life.  Please make her feel welcome.

I remember going to my first obstetrician appointment when I was pregnant with my son. One of the questions I was asked was ‘do you suffer from anxiety or depression?’ ‘Yes’ I replied. ‘I suffer from anxiety and have stopped my medication before I fell pregnant’. And then my obstetrician gave me ‘the talk’ about being at high-risk of Post Natal Depression. I remember thinking ‘Ah, it won’t happen to me, I’ll be fine’. I also remember my obstetrician looking my husband straight in the eye, suggesting that he keep a very close eye on me. read more

PTSD: Brittany’s Story

Today on the blog I have Brittany who is sharing her experience with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  The following post talks about violence and may be triggering.  Please ensure that you are in a safe place mentally before continuing.

If you are struggling and need someone to talk to, please call Lifeline: 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue: 1300 224 636.  Alternatively make an appointment to speak with your GP and discuss your options.  read more

Electroconvulsive Therapy

Today I have the Debbie from Sad Mum, Happy Mum talking about her experiences with Electroconvulsive Therapy.  Please make her feel welcome!

Electroconvulsive Therapy – Its Impact on Me.

I had not heard of Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) until two years ago when I tried to take my own life and since my treatment with it those I have mentioned it to have all said ‘I thought that happened back in the dark ages’.  In the deep dark world of psychiatry there is a select few qualified to conduct ECT and to receive it you must be extremely sick.  I guess anything that involves electrocuting someone until they convulse has to be barbaric doesn’t it, something that the founders of psychiatry used to experiment on the mentally ill? Well no, today it still occurs, not to many but for those extremely sick with depression it is a lingering hope that wellness will come. read more