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I must confess…I love some of this awesomeness


The lovely Kirsty is having a bit of a holiday this week (lucky devil!) and so I must confess is being hosted by Rhianna from A Parenting Life.  Rhianna has chosen the Theme of favourite blogs.  This was actually quite hard…I didn’t want to leave anyone out but I also wanted to share some blogger love.  Rock. Hard Place. Stuck.  So I am going to limit myself to 10 blogs and then I want you to tell me some of your blogger loves! read more

I’m Awesome

This weeks prompt for I Must Confess is ‘Why I’m Awesome’ and I just knew that I couldn’t resist a title like that. I am self confessed Queen of Awesomness. I’m awesome just ask me, I’ll tell you.  I think people will struggle with this one as it’s really hard to say nice things about yourself in an open forum. My suggestion? Don’t take it so damn seriously.  It’s life, it’s not like you get out alive. read more

Unofficial Guide to Twitter


Even though the title says that this a ‘guide’ to twitter, it’s not one of your run of the mill do as I say guides. I’m not interested in telling you about the etiquette of twitter because quite frankly I don’t give a shit what you feel the need to post on your twitter. If I don’t like it, then I unfollow you. If it’s really dodgy then I will block you so that you cannot follow me.  So if you feel the need to talk about that giant pimple on your arse then you go right ahead sunshine. It’s your freaking timeline. read more

Selfishness and Parties

 A conversation on twitter yesterday got me thinking about my 21st.  In Australia the big parties seem to be the 18th, 21st and then the decades there after.  My 18th was pretty non event so I was holding out for my 21st.  The universe however had other ideas. I was 6 months pregnant with Devil Spawn for my 21st so my birthday was a no alcohol for me event.  I wanted to just go to the local pool and laze around in my giant pregnant state but apparently that was unfair to all of my other able to drink guests. Whatevs read more

FFS Friday 21st December

It’s well and truly the silly season around her and it’s bought all of the wankers out of the woodworks here.  It wouldn’t be a Friday in silly season without a FFS Friday! 

Devil Spawn slept in until 930 on Monday (daycare day) and I decided to keep him home.  An hour later I regretted it. FFS read more