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FFS Friday 21st December

It’s well and truly the silly season around her and it’s bought all of the wankers out of the woodworks here.  It wouldn’t be a Friday in silly season without a FFS Friday! 

Devil Spawn slept in until 930 on Monday (daycare day) and I decided to keep him home.  An hour later I regretted it. FFS read more

FFS Friday 14th December

It’s FFS Friday time again! With Christmas fast approaching the patience levels are decreasing by the day! 

I hate carols with a passion. They make me want to stab myself in the ears with a blunt instrument. Every shop is playing them. Shopping just got that much more of a pain in the arse FFS read more

Self Harm FFS

Hi! This week I decided to do FFS a little differently and did a Vlog.  I was scared as hell and it took me about 50 takes to do.  Devil Spawn also kept running from my bedroom to the bathroom through the whole thing.  I haven’t rewatched it for fear that I will delete it, so here I am in all my rawness. Those who self harm may find the following Vlog triggering.  If you or someone you know is at risk of self harm please seek professional help.

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