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Put some clothes on yo!

It’s FFS Friday today so I have my ranty pants on.  Unlike the teen female population however, my pants are big, baggy and sufficiently cover my arse.

I got to my local shopping centre fairly regularly and my eyes are always assaulted with what seems to be the new fashion of leggings as pants and short shorts.   read more


What the fuck is wrong with fashion these days (oh god doesn’t that make me sound old)???

I look through the shops and it seems that ‘dressing like a homeless person’ is the new fashion.  Does that now mean I can wear my pjs out and pretend they are ‘fashion’?  Probably not.  I saw a shawl aka throw rug complete with tassles in valley girl last week that was a baby shit green colour.  I’ve spent the last almost two years trying to avoid getting baby shit on my shirt I’m not going to buy a throw rug complete with tassles read more