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How to be a Hot Mummy Blogger

I’m a mummy blogger. I kind of fail at it most of the time because I think this whole motherhood caper is mother trucking hard.  I write the occasional recipe and household ‘tip’ aka how to avoid it and why I hate it so much.  Really the only thing that makes me fit the old stereotype mold of mummy blogger is that I have a child who is along for the joy ride.  read more

Jo-Baz Review

I received the following product to review. I received one box of product to use. All opinions are my own.
  Anyone who knows me in real life will be able to vouch for me when I say that I have really, really thick hair.  Lately it has been a pain in the arse to control. It has been frizzy and unruly. Thankfully it is now long enough to pull up into a messy bun and it looks half decent.  So when I received the Jo-Baz Everyday Straight Hair, I was excited to try a product that would help keep my hair under control.   *image from here I don’t have the time (or the energy) to sit and straighten my hair every single day, so this product is perfect.  According to the website Everyday Straight Hair works for up to 3 months  by adding Keratin to the hair.

“Everyday Straight Hair’s key ingredient is keratin, the hair’s natural protein. During the formula’s smoothing and straightening process the hair’s internal structure is permanently changed and keratin is introduced back into the hair. The result is straight, smooth, controlled hair with renewed vitality and condition due to those returned keratin proteins.” read more

Lingerie Football

Welcome to Reader’s Choice Thursdays.  This is our third week and so far I have learnt so much. The most important thing I have learnt however is to not tweet while watching trashy tv if I still don’t have a topic or a certain blogger (I’m not mentioning any name *cough cough* will take it with both hands and I’ll be writing about vjazzling or like this week….Lingerie Football. read more


I decided to do a bit of dissecting today. What on you ask? The Shopping Centre of course.  Yep it’s all hard hitting action around here. =&0=& This is one of the inhabitants that get on my last nerve frequently.  Sure there are nice ones around….those ones don’t hang around shopping centres acting like wankers.  You know the ones, they are loud, obnoxious and always in large groups.  The local Shopping Centre tried to stamp down on these creatures by saying people under the age of 18 couldn’t be in groups of more than 4. Yeh it worked for a whole week I think.=&1=& This inhabitant tends to save all of their shopping adventures to one day. The dreaded Pension Day.  The general consensus is that this day is a Thursday.  Around here it seems to lean more towards a Friday.  The Senior Citizen has two very distinct categories. There is the cute little old lady/man. They fill you with all good stuff and remind you of the Disney industry generated Grandparent figure. Then there is the complete polar opposite.  The nasty, rude little old lady/man.  I understand that we should respect our elders BUT respect should be something that is returned.  You being over the age of 60 doesn’t give you the right to push in front of me and my son at the checkout. If you have less things than me, I might have let you go first anyway.  You being rude about it just leaves a sour taste in my mouth.=&2=& This group of inhabitants don’t have shoes, clothes are usually ripped and dirty, just like their foul mouth.  Don’t get me wrong I drop the F-Bomb like the best of them, but there is a time and a place.  Walking through your local Shopping Centre is not that place.  Also please try to keep your kids in some kind of control.  We all know that Shopping Centres are like drugs for small kids but if you’re too busy snogging your latest Baby Daddy, then that shit is not cool.=&3=&