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The Bag Lady

bag lady

This week for I must confess, Kirsty is asking us to reveal the secrets of our handbags.  At the moment I actually have two bags on the go.  I use both of them regularly and they both have their own secrets.My first handbag is a gorgeous brown bucket handbag that I received as a present from Raychael of Mystery Case fame.  It fits a surprisingly large amount inside for a small handbag.  I have learned my lesson with larger shoulder bags though, because they quickly become bottomless pits. read more

Jazz in the house

I’m trying something new. Something a little different for the blog, something a little more light. I’m joining in with Ms Mystery Case for the LBD challenge. I have been eying it off for a while now, but I just wasn’t sure if I was cut out for it. Then I completed the style under $50 and I was hooked! I love that I can put together outfits without having to leave the comfort of my couch. I’m treating this challenge as a bit of a in my wildest dreams challenge so money is no object. It’s definitely more fun that way! read more

Where are the boys clothes!?

Any parent who has a boy will tell you how hard it is to find nice clothes for a boy. Even if you don’t have children, a walk through any kids section, in any department store will show you that 3/4 of the section is pink and frilly. While the boys section is limited to a few racks.
I think my bank account is probably pretty glad that I don’t have a girl. read more

Built for Comfort

I must confess that when it comes to fashion, not just in the silly season but all year round, I go for comfort over fashion every time.  Leggings and maxi dresses make a regular appearance.

This year, we are staying home for the big day.  We aren’t expecting any visitors and I hope to sloth around the house most of the day.  This year is definitely a pants are optional Christmas, which really makes stuffing myself with all the goodness that is Christmas food that much easy.  No annoying waist bands digging in when you are in your best grundies. read more