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Since When

Today’s post is a guest post. It’s bought to you by one of my friends Sarah. She wants to have a bit of a dabble in Blogging so be kind 🙂

Sarah is currently on leave from my wonderful job to raise my daughter from a teeny tiny bub who decided that Christmas was too fun to miss out on last year and surprised us by arriving 2 months early. read more


Sometimes I wonder if it is my twisted perception of interpersonal relationships that makes it hard to make and keep friendships.  Other times I wonder if it’s just because other people are stupid.

As I have gotten older, I become more aware of my actions and thoughts.  The thin line between my brain and my mouth closes and I think about what I say to others.  I have clear retrospection…or so I like to think. read more

Soial Media has an Evil SIde Too

Social media aka Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Google+, you get the picture, can either be an absolute godsend or an absolute kick in the virtual guts.  

It’s filled to the brim with people who take it upon themselves to become keyboard warriors.  What is a keyboard warrior you ask. It’s simple. It’s someone who uses the internet to show aggression that they wouldn’t normally show in life.  For example being confrontational when IRL they are non confrontational.   read more

Fix You

Austism Awareness

Through the BabyCentre forums I got to know a wonderful mum and began to follow the plight she faced and fought everyday to help her son with Autism.  She faced waiting list after waiting list, some up to 2 years long before anyone could provide her with the building blocks she needed to help her son become all that he could be. read more