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Not all awareness is good

Slacktivism via social media has been a hot topic for a while now.  There is always a ridiculous chain message going around that tells you to post something as your status in order to raise awareness for a cause.  These messages are spread either through private message or via a ‘please repost’ status update.  The worst part of these updates?  Most people don’t seem to even check the details before hitting share. read more

Does ‘real’ parenting normalise the symptoms of mental illness?

The online world of parenting has firmly shifted into the realm of being ‘real’.  The more raw you are, the better.  Where there used to be a martyr rivalry, there is now a competition for who can appear the most neglectful without actually harming your children.Women are applauded for admitting that they can’t do it all.  On the surface this isn’t a bad thing.  No one is perfect, and the belief that it is can be detrimental.  Most of us are able to look at those who are being raw and say ‘that’s nice, but not for me.’  What about the women who are struggling? Does this movement really help them? read more

The 5 Facebook friends you need

There are so many articles and blog posts about the people you don’t need in  your life.  They talk about the people who annoy you, who make you want to stab yourself in the eye or question the future of the human race.  I haven’t come across many though that talk about the awesome people in your life, well your Facebook life anyway. read more

Toilet Roll Christmas Tree

Recently a friend shared this on their Facebook Page.  I have been saving toilet rolls for a while and was looking for something to do with them so a Christmas Tree seemed like a great idea!  I am in no way artistically inclined and I found it so easy so those who are a whole lot better at this stuff should find it a breeze! read more