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FFS Friday

It’s my favourite part of the week, for more reasons than one but also because it means that it’s FFS Friday with Dear Baby G again!  This week the state of QLD has been in flood. It seems to bring the dickheads out in full force FFS

We received close to 500mm in under 48 hours. It destroyed roads and bridges. Still people were stupid enough to drive through the water FFS read more

Insert witty and slightly sarcastic title here

If you’ve ever that ‘pleasure’ of taking public transport than you will sympathise with that meme.  Oh how I had a ‘it’s funny cos it’s true moment’ when I first saw it.  If you’ve never been so lucky as to enjoy a stint on the local public transport then let me take you on a little journey. read more

Slow down dickhead

In Queensland the road toll for 2012 is standing at 12…that’s almost a death for everyday in the new year so far.  That’s horrible.  That is 12 father/mother/son/daughter/brother/sister’s that have been lost.  12 families affected or even less if there were multiple fatalities. =&0=&