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Cinder: Sci Fi Fairy Tales


Last month I started a book club.  I used to be a part of one locally and I really missed it.  I had joined another online book club but the books weren’t really to my taste and I was getting bored.  There isn’t a great deal of activity in my book club, but if you’d like to join you are more than welcome.  read more

The quest for perfection

eating disorder nightmare

She lay in her bed feeling all of her bumps and lumps.  She checked each side, counting off the differences.  Maybe one day she could count the similarities.  Would she sleep more soundly then?  Would her dreams be calm, instead of filled with things that made her scream in her sleep?Her mother assured her that her differences were what made her special.  Everyone went through a stage of not liking what they were.  Even her mother, with her porcelain skin and jet black hair.  Sally didn’t believe her.  No one as beautiful as her mother could have ever looked like this. read more

I don’t love my body, I respect it

body respect

We teach our girls to love their body as they are.  In a time when young girls are bombarded with images of the *perfect* body, we are teaching them that they need to love themselves.  We teach them that wanting to change something they are born with means that they don’t love themselves.  We tell young girls that looks don’t matter, but then promote campaigns that show *real women* without make up. read more

Warning: Graphic Content

The media has a strict set of guidelines for the reporting of content that viewers/readers may find distressing.  A warning is given before the story, informing consumers that the following content is graphic in nature.  These warnings are used for articles about suicide, mental illness, drug abuse and violence.  Numbers for helplines are posted at the end of the stories, urging those who have been affected by the proceeding story to seek help.  However no such warning is in place for fictional stories, either in print or film. read more