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You don’t get to decide what hurts

words hurt

One thing that I have learned since I started blogging is that for every post telling you not to do something, there is just as many posts telling you to go for it.  There are posts telling you to lighten up and posts telling you to write with more feeling.  There are posts telling you to stop writing for free, and there are posts telling you that accepting payment is the worst thing you can do.  Then there is everyone in between who is just trying to make sense of it all.  A few weeks ago a post did the rounds which said that all Mommy blogs sucked.  This isn’t a new thing.  Traditional media hates on digital media, including blogs on a regular basis.  This post in particular though stung a little too much.  Maybe it stung a little too much because it came from inside the ranks.  Or just maybe it stung a little too much because the writer used her own experience to tar an entire blogging community. read more

The school yard bubble


This week the prompt for I must confess is ‘I don’t understand…’.  I was going to link up an old post I had written about same sex marriage and the people who oppose it.  However something else has been bumping around in my mind for a little while now.  Then last week Near As Dammit’s post pushed it to the forefront.  The thing that has me perplexed at the moment is the bubble that is school.Jessie’s post shared the story of her son and how he was punished for retaliating after being repeatedly punched by a much larger boy.  The education department has stated that they have a zero tolerance policy to bullying, and that this includes physical violence.  On the surface this seems like a good idea. read more

I know the darkness

Three posts in less than a week.  I think I am finally feeling the blog love again.  Maybe.  Either way I am going with it while it lasts.  It has been so long since I linked up with a linky party and I must confess that I have missed it.  It’s such an easy way to keep in touch with the blogosphere. read more

Being a real woman

On social media lately I have been noticing an influx of posts about ‘keeping it real’ aimed at women.  These posts have always been there of course, but I seem to be taking notice of them a lot more.  I think it’s possibly because they are getting under my skin, we all know that the more we think about something, the more we notice it happening around us. read more