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Mental Health..more than just the surface

Mental health self esteem

I have made no secret of my disdain for the local public mental health system.  I seem to get handed the bottom of the barrel case manager and lately the doctors are not much better.  I am currently seeing the head psychiatrist..but this doesn’t mean that I am receiving better treatment for my Mental Health. read more

Crisis Schmisis

Last night I realised the positive power of social media and once again the short falls of my local after hours crisis centre.  I am both amazed and appalled that women who I have never met IRL helped more than trained ‘professionals’. read more


Today I need a big dose of this….

Everything is compounding and it feels as though nothing is going the way it is supposed to.  I sit in the house because I can’t be bothered putting on a smile to face the world.  I make plans because I know that staying stuck in my house doesn’t do anyone any favours but I pull out at the last minute because I work myself up about it too much. read more

Maybe it IS helping

I had a bit of an ‘aha’ moment last week after my case manager appointment.  It kind of kicked me in the guts and made me realise what is really going on.

What if, what they are doing is actually helpful? The previous ones not so much but maybe the new one.  Sleeping during an appointment is never helpful….unless it’s a sleep study and even then it should be me asleep not them. read more