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6 Tips for creating a wellness plan

One of the joys of dealing with unhelpful thinking styles is that I tend to think things are all bad, all of the time, at least from the surface.  Due to this belief, my psychologist helped me to develop a wellness plan.  It is a simple list of things that I believe prove that I am doing well. read more

Health Insurance and Mental Health

health insurance

Today on the blog I have a guest post from Health Insurance Comparison about accessing mental health treatment in the private system using medicare and health insurance.  I currently access treatment privately and it has been an absolute different experience.  Unfortunately the public system just doesn’t have the resources to give everyone long term treatment.  They are often more focused on bandaid solutions, which don’t get to the root of the patients struggles. read more

How to survive on less sleep

*I was gifted one NESCAFE Dolce Gusto capsule machine for the purpose of the giveaway.  All opinions are my own*

Sleep and the Musings household don’t seem to get on very well.  At least not in the conventional way.  It seems that Mr 5 and I have our sleep clocks all topsy-turvy and so we are more likely to be still in bed when we need to be up and at ’em.  Mr 5 is now taking melatonin and the change has been incredible.  However my sleep still seems elusive. read more