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Trend Setter

I must confess is touring around a few different blogs while Kirsty is off on her US adventure and this week it’s hosted by Raychael from Mystery Case.  This week the confession theme is Trends.

Now first off I must confess that I am not a trend setter or generally a follower by any stretch of the imagination.  I usually wait until others have tried something out and worked out the kinks before giving anything a try.  I also tend to wear clothes and shoes because they are comfortable, not because they are the latest style.  I think growing up in a small town, before social media, didn’t help either. read more

7 confessions of the micro kind


This week for I Must Confess the theme is micro confessions.  This one is my favourite because it’s like a brain dump.  I love being able to just write some little confessions, ones that don’t have enough behind them to warrant a whole post of their own and be done with it.  Plus a good cleanse does amazing things for the soul.  True fact. read more