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The Bag Lady

bag lady

This week for I must confess, Kirsty is asking us to reveal the secrets of our handbags.  At the moment I actually have two bags on the go.  I use both of them regularly and they both have their own secrets.My first handbag is a gorgeous brown bucket handbag that I received as a present from Raychael of Mystery Case fame.  It fits a surprisingly large amount inside for a small handbag.  I have learned my lesson with larger shoulder bags though, because they quickly become bottomless pits. read more

6 Things being mobile free taught me


Last week, due to a technical glitch with transferring my details from one sim to another I was without a working mobile for from Tuesday morning until Friday night.  It was a frustrating week, especially because there was nothing that I could do to speed up the situation.  However I did learn a few things along the way. read more

Annoying people at the cinema


Mr 6 and I go to the cinema quite regularly.  We get cheap tickets through Telstra so it isn’t quite so expensive.  I just love the whole experience of going to the movies and seeing something on the big screen.  However going to the movies regularly means that you get to come into contact with some *delightful* members of society.  read more

Never have I…


Have you played the drinking game ‘Never have I’?  It’s a possibly cringe inducing game where players take it in turns to ask ‘never have I’.  If your answer is ‘well actually I have’ then you take a shot!  It’s an funny way to get to know your friends!When I was at school we played a G rated version where everyone would start standing up and you would sit down if you ‘have’.  The last person standing would win.  What possessed a teacher with a room full of hormonal teenagers to play this game, I’m still not sure. read more

Holiday guilty pleasure TV


This week Kirsty is asking us to confess our television guilty pleasures.  I have written before that according to the science of Tegan, trashy TV is good for you.  However the shows that I am going to confess to today might be a whole new level of trashy! A few months ago SBS started their own food channel on free to air television.  I love a good cooking show.  I used to watch Ready, Steady, Cook! everyday when it was still on TV.  SBS’ food channel however is more than just celebrity cooks showing us how to whip up a gourmet delight.  They also have reality shows. read more