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Sway Away

sway trees

She was rushing again.  Lately it felt like someone had pressed the fast forward button.  There was barely time to do everything she needed, and the days were melting into one another.  She longed for the quiet days.

She barely remembered what her husband looked like.  It felt like weeks since they had sat down and had a proper conversation.  They were like ships in the night, passing each other silently, only their shadows giving away their positions.  She longed for his touch, but they felt worlds apart. read more

Writer’s Block: 8 tips to beat it

Overcoming writer's block

If you do any kind of writing, whether it be for work or pleasure, then no doubt you have come against writers block once or twice.  There have been a few times for me over the last 3 years where I have sat and stared at the screen, the cursor seeming to mock me, willing the words to come.  Once I have started, the words flowed so I want to share with you the things I do when writer’s block has come to stay. read more

The Last Laugh Part 2

Did she just hear right?  Did he just ask her to leave with him?  Her heart rate quickened again.  At this rate she was sure he would be able to see the blood pulsing through her veins.  She worried about saying something stupid so she simply nodded and followed him out of the room.  She pinched her arm to make sure she wasn’t dreaming.  The sharp sting proved this was really happening. read more

The Last Laugh

She saw him across the room and she felt her heart skip a beat.  Whenever he caught her looking his way she felt her cheeks burn.  He was out of her league and she wasn’t stupid enough to even try.

The room was filled with people she had been working with for the last 20 years, she looked around and felt like she didn’t know a single one.  Even her secretary called her Ms Oliver and she doubted that the woman even knew her name.  There was no personal feelings shared anymore.  It was what stopped her from making the next move. read more