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Oculus Mundi – Alison doesn’t sugar coat anything and she’s bat shit crazy. That’s why I love her! Alison constantly makes me either laugh until I cry or think so hard I think I’ve busted my brain.  Go read her, you won’t be sorry.

The Very Inappropriate Blog – The tagline drew me in ‘the place where I can say all the things that would otherwise get me fired, unfriended or kicked out of the P&C

Slapdash Mama – Even though she is a lover of jeggings, I can look past that because she is a whole lot of amazeballs. She also laughs at my jokes so she’s already a winner in my books.

The Bumpiest Path – I am in awe of this woman. She does amazing things for kids and I love reading about the shenanigans she gets up to with her tribe.

Dad Rites – This guy has made me snort with laughter on more than one occasion.

Five Degrees of Chaos – Emma is one of my favourite mental health blogs.  I love her honesty and the love she has for her kids.

Babbling Bandit – You know those blogs that you have been reading for so long that you forget how you even came across them?  Vanessa is one of those blogs.  I have loved getting to know the person behind the blog.  Vanessa blogs about her journey through drug addiction, mental illness and parenting.  Her posts are raw, emotive and well worth the read.

Hopeful Rae of Sunshine – Rach is one of the most positive people that I*know*.  I love reading her take on life and well she’s just all kinds of awesome.

Ness of Boganville – Ness has an awesome sense of humour.  I don’t think I have read a post yet that hasn’t made me laugh out at least once.


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