Colouring in meets technology

*Brought to you by Nuffnang and Crayola.  I received 4 Colour Alive colouring packs in order to complete this review.*

A colouring in book is a staple of everyone’s childhood.  I’m sure we all have memories of time spent filling pages with rainbows of colour.  We all had our own ways of colouring.  Some spent extra time making sure every spot was filled.  While others scribbled as fast as they could.  Colour Alive Crayola

I remember when I was in primary school the first words out of my mouth when told that we were doing colouring in a lesson were always “Does it have to be the right colours?”  I loved nothing more than creating a purple possum or making a forest of trees rainbow coloured.  For an extra bit of flair I would colour the outline with felt pens and and the middle with pencil.

Mr 6 has a complete different method of colouring in.  He is meticulous and his pictures must be the right colours.  However we both like to scribble in long strokes to get the job done quicker.  I must admit that up until this year Mr 6 hasn’t been interested in colouring in.  He found it too tedious for his fast moving mind.

This year however his art projects have moved on from scribbles to learning different techniques.  His teacher has been incorporating technology, mainly Youtube videos into some of the art lessons to teach different drawing techniques.  Mr 6 has shown a great talent with drawing.  Something he definitely didn’t get from his mother!

The world is moving fast towards relying heavily on technology for everyday activities.  Not to be left behind, Crayola created their new range of colouring books alongside an app that brings your child’s colouring to life!  Mr 6 loved that the pictures he created can come to life by simply taking a photo.  crayola avengers pack

Each colouring book comes with a pack of 7 crayons, which includes one special effects colour.  The best part about the colouring pack is that other than the special effects crayon, you don’t need specific colouring products for the colouring pages to work.  There’s nothing worse than misplacing a pen and an art pack becoming useless.

The free Colour Alive app really brings your child’s colouring to life.  The picture saves into the app with the colours your child used.  Using the app allows your child to take selfies with their favourite characters (Frozen, Avengers, Mythical Creatures and Enchanted Fairies are included in the new packs) and a simple touch can make them jump across the screen.

Once the page has been saved to the app Mr 6 loved playing with the characters.  He discovered that he can make them as big or little as he wanted.  The special effect crayons also created a range of extras including snowflakes, pixie dust, comic symbols and fire.  We also found out that the special effects crayons worked for all of the different book packs.

Mr 6 explains how the Crayola Colour Alive Mythical Creatures book comes alive with the app.

The new Crayola Colour Alive packs are the perfect meeting of good old fashioned colouring in and technology.  The app is simple to use and Mr 6 loved seeing his creations come to life with 4D technology.  The added bonus of being able to use a range of colouring implements also helped expand the experience.

Have you tried the new Crayola Colour Alive range?

Where you a strict true colours only colourer or did you love to create a rainbow of colours?

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