Annoying people at the cinema

Mr 6 and I go to the cinema quite regularly.  We get cheap tickets through Telstra so it isn’t quite so expensive.  I just love the whole experience of going to the movies and seeing something on the big screen.  However going to the movies regularly means that you get to come into contact with some *delightful* members of society.  cinema

  1. The talker.  Why on earth do people pay to go to the movies and then talk through most of it?  If you want to do that, buy the DVD and save everyone else the headache of having to listen to you.  Also don’t sit near me, because I will tell you to shut up.  I may even high five my son when he loudly says ‘It’s not nice to talk during the movies hey mum’.
  2. The seat kicker.  Keep your damn legs to yourself.  Unfortunately my local cinema doesn’t have VMAX or anything fancy so we are stuck with dealing with the seat kickers.  Also don’t put your smelly feet on the back of the chair near my head.
  3. My child is a special snowflake.  No.  The rest of us don’t think it is cute when your cherub points out everything in the movie.  It is also not cute for you to have to explain every single thing in the movie to your child.  They are also not cute when they run up and down the aisle.  Also this movie is rated MA15+ with sex scenes, why is your 4 year old here?
  4. The packet crinkler.  Now this one is less the packet crinkler’s fault and more the cinema for selling stuff that comes in crinkly packaging.  Although if you bring stuff from home, for the sake of the rest of us, please put it in a plastic container.
  5. I really don’t want to be here.  I get it.  Your girlfriend dragged you along or you drew the short straw in taking the kids to the latest Chipmunks movie and you’d really rather be anywhere but here.  Please don’t ruin it for the rest of us though.  Your ‘witty’ put downs of the plot really aren’t that funny.  One guy sitting in front of us was actually playing candy crush on his phone through most of one movie we saw!
  6. The giggling teenagers.  Yes that’s a penis.  Yes they are having sex.  For the love of all things holy stop talking!  I took my little brother and Mr 6 to see Cars 2 when it came out and we were sitting next to a gaggle of teenage girls.  They talked through the previews, I let it slide because it wasn’t the movie yet.  Then the conversation continued through the first scene.  There were lots of ‘likes’ and ‘OMG’ and giggles.  After a couple of minutes I snapped and said, “OMG you guys like shut up”.  Which of course got the stereotypical rebel answer of ‘OMG she’s so cranky’.  They did shut up though so all was not lost.

What was the last movie you saw at the cinema?

Have you encountered any of the annoying people?

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16 thoughts on “Annoying people at the cinema

  1. Renee Wilson

    The last movie I saw was the snoopy movie. My three year old didn’t stop talking the whole time. I tried so hard to keep her quiet lol. I really dislike the seat kickers at movie. Just sit still for crying out loud.

  2. Hugzilla

    Oh HAHAHHAHHAH! This is brilliant, and EXACTLY why I haven’t been to the movies in about 8 years. Why would I pay through the nose to out up with other people’s annoying shit. I also hate that they crank the volume AND the aircon up way too high. Nana Zilla disapproves…

  3. Amy @ handbagmafia

    Yesssss! Nothing worse than people who ruin it for other. Can I add- TURN OFF YOUR FUCKING PHONE! Putting it on silent and still texting and face booking away is a pain in the butt because you don’t realise it but it is like there is a spotlight emanating from your seat. If you can’t be incommunicado for 90 minutes, don’t go to the cinema!

  4. Cate

    the last 3 times we’ve been to the movies, we saved up for Gold Class, none of the annoying shit, and people serving us food! (mind you, 3 movies in ten years means it’s few and far between.) We saw the latest James Bond when it came out, hubby was bored, but I loved it.

  5. Lydia C. Lee

    We just went to Zoolander2…’Nuff said.
    Nick Offerman did this bit, that when you buy a movie ticket (or theatre ticket) you are entering into a social contract to share the experience with a group of people, and that requires you to not be an asshole (and put your phone away and share the moment). That used to be the case always, now less and less so…

  6. Rachel McD

    Hahahaha! Yes to all of these! Precisely why I don’t go to the movies. I much prefer to binge-watch Netflix in my pj’s in the relative peace and quiet of my own lounge room :).

  7. Vanessa

    I honestly haven’t been to a movie in the cinemas for about 5 or more years. Apparently you have to choose your seats now too…wierd! OK, maybe it’s been like 8 or so years…I have no idea! I do mean to go soon because I want to see the new Star Wars on a big screen. It’s too iconic not to.

  8. Janet aka Middle Aged Mama

    I think the last thing I saw at the actual cinema was “Everest”. Must admit, now we have a media room and Netflix, heading out to the actual movies is becoming a rarity for the very reasons you have mentioned above …

    visiting from #teamIBOT x

  9. Jo @ You had us at hello

    We don’t get to the movies that often living in the country but we try to see the latest kid movies when they come out. What I don’t get these days is seat allocation numbers. What the hell is that? Surely no one sticks to that? So much so, when we saw Star Wars I asked all those around us. Everyone shrugged and said they all ignore it and sit where they please. So glad to hear!! It’s not like we’re picking airline seats here. Crazy!! All of these characters you describe are like nails on a chalkboard. Hence we have a rather large DVD collection 😉 xx

  10. Angela

    C is the kid telling me everything that is happening. We don’t go to the cinema often. We saw Turbo, because my SIL wanted to go with us all. It was a success. I took the boys to see planes 2. Me and 2 kids. One who needed to see before the movie started. Then half hour in a number 2, but he wouldn’t go because there was no tiny seat. Then he started running up and down the aisle because he needed to go to the toilet. We walked out. We seen the Good dinosaur on boxing day (SIL wanting to go again). And surprise! C was trying to tell us what was happening. My children aren’t missing out by not going to the cinema, my children just aren’t ready for it yet. She doesn’t get that though.

  11. Raychael aka Mystery Case

    We tend to only do the movie previews and media nights, so a much quieter crowd these days. BUT I’m reminded of the opening night for The Rocky Horror Show at the theatre, where a small child was a few seats down from us and needed clarification through the whole bloody show. I couldn’t have been more annoyed.


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