4 Tips for getting your shit together

I don’t have my shit together…at all.  However I am learning little tricks along the way which help me feel like everything isn’t completely imploding.  They make the day to day things easier so that I can tackle the big stuff.  Which hopefully means that the little stuff won’t be so damn hard all of the time.  getting your shit togetherLet go of the bullshit idea that all food must be made from scratch all of the time.

I have made no secret that I suck at cooking.  I have a few wins but the chances of me stuffing it up are higher than me pulling it off.  My motivation for cooking is also touch and go.  Some days I am all move over Martha Stewart and other days we have toast for dinner.  In saying all of that though, to make things easier and it much more likely that I will actually cook, I buy prepackaged vegetables.  I know, I know, won’t someone think of the environment but if me buying mushrooms that have been already been chopped by Rhonda from my local Coles (not actually sure if there is a Rhonda, but it’s the first name that came to mind) means that I use the whole packet rather than throwing out a bag of shriveled mushrooms three weeks later….I call it a win for the environment.

Embrace your energy time.

It’s 3am, you can’t sleep, and suddenly you get the urge to make a banana cake.  I say go forth and make that banana cake.  If all you are going to do is lay in bed and think about how you aren’t sleeping, well you may as well get up and make yourself useful.  Plus, there’s cake.

Go with your mojo flow.

I have only really been embracing this one over the last week or so.  However it is having a bit of success.  I am finding that rather than doing things in logical order, that I just do them exactly when the motivation hits.  This works especially well if you are an epic procrastinator.  I find that I get caught up in the thinking about how much I have to do, how far I have to walk or how long it is until vodka o’clock and I don’t actually get it done.  Which of course just creates more stuff to do.  So, even if it takes me 3 goes to get the washing up done, while watching trashy tv, it means that it is getting done.

Screw the guilt.

Stop using the word should about yourself and the people around you.  No one *should* do anything.  Make choices that you are comfortable with, that will allow you lay in bed at night and feel like you did OK today.  Sometimes you have to say no, there is nothing wrong with admitting that you can’t or don’t want to do something.  There are no awards for being the biggest martyr.

Life is already hard enough some days.  There is no reason to purposely make it harder for yourself.  You can still do things for other people, live your life and take care of yourself.  If making things easier for yourself means that you can do more of the things you love (whatever that may be) then I don’t see why you can’t embrace it.

What are your tips for making life easier?

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4 thoughts on “4 Tips for getting your shit together

  1. Fluffy

    Yes, yes and yes! I’m not a great chef but since occasionally I realise I have to et like an adult, and cooking for one is boring, I now order a veggie box from Hello Fresh once a fortnight. Keeps me going for a week and half and it is literally #everythingbutthechef. I also gave up the guilt years ago – when my mum tries it on me, which all mums do, I say as loudly as I can “oh wait on, buckle in baby, we’re going on a guilt trip” 😉 Plus I have taken to naps… xx

  2. Cassandra

    Love the part on going with your mojo….I too worry about everything I have to do, and get so caught up in the worrying that nothing gets done. I just get so overwhelmed, it stalls me. Naively, I didn’t think many other people went through that. Thanks for helping me feel normal, and I am definitely going to work on not letting my worries weigh me down.


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