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I’ve found that having a list to take stock really helps me to realise that I am doing better than I think I am.  I have a wellness list with my psychologist which we check each appointment to see how I am really doing.  I really like Pip’s taking stock list because it’s a little different.

Making : I made the best roast dinner tonight.  I said to Paul that it was a once in a lifetime occurrence because the chance of me being able to get all of the components of a roast dinner just right twice is pretty slim.
Cooking :  The best roast dinner ever.  Ever.
Drinking :  Finally able to drink tap water again.  It was a pain in the arse having to make sure I always kept the bottled water in the fridge.  So much easier when I can just fill up when it’s empty.
Reading:  A crime series about a forensic pathologist by Kathryn Fox.  It’s really interesting so far.
Wanting:  My damn neighbours to stay in their own backyard.
Looking:  …at the clutter that is my kitchen table right now.  I seem to just get it under control and then it all creeps up again.
Playing:  I found a game on android called The Rats.  It’s a strange game but I become strangely addicted to it.
Wasting:  I have been wasting so much time these school holidays.  I have to admit that it’s been nice to not have to be anywhere this week.
Sewing:  I am really not crafty.  I think the last thing I sewed was back in year 8 home economics.
Wishing:  That the government would see how important it is to dedicate more funding to mental health treatment.
Enjoying:  I am enjoying spending time with Mr 5 these holidays.  I’ve been working on being more mindful about my tone and reactions and I have seen a great improvement from him.
Waiting:  I am waiting for the weekend to get here.  We’ve had visitors for the last two weeks, so it will be nice to spend some time with just the three of us.
Liking:  The progress Paul and I have made with decluttering my house.
Wondering:  …what goes through some peoples heads when they do stupid stuff.
Loving:  Melatonin.  Seriously.  It’s not always smooth sailing but I am so glad that those nights are not the norm anymore.
Hoping:  That the appointment with the pediatrician on Monday goes well.
Marvelling: At the creativity of some people online.  I am have started following a few jewellery pages on Facebook lately and the things they create are amazing.
Needing:  …more energy.
Smelling:  The roast is still lingering.  I am so glad that it tasted as good as it smelt.
Wearing:  The nights have started to get a bit cool lately so long pants have been making an appearance.
Following:  The drama of My Kitchen Rules.  It’s so close to the end now!
Noticing:  The difference in responses from Mr 5 since I have become more mindful of my language.
Knowing:  That I have to pull my finger out and get more motivated before school starts again next week.
Thinking:  I am doing better than I give myself credit for.
Feeling:  …relaxed for the first time in a while.
Bookmarking:  I am still on my quest to read Aussie Authors for the whole year so I have been bookmarking some great authors.
Opening:  Easter eggs…seriously.  At the current rate of consumption Mr 5 and I should be finished our Easter eggs before Christmas…maybe.
Giggling:  …at the things Mr 5 has been coming out with lately.

Have you cooked a meal perfectly lately?

Are you surviving the school holidays?

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4 thoughts on “April check in

  1. Karyn (Little Opinions)

    Great post, I so love the reference to the Easter Eggs because that’s exactly how I feel! and school holidays only just surviving…..

  2. Angela

    I love this list. It gives a great insight into where you are at the moment. I haven’t been keeping up with my emails or online life lately so will have to make some time to catch up on your last few posts. I have been much of the silent reader of late. Reading when I can and not commenting so much 🙁

  3. Tiffani

    What a beautiful way to track the moments & memories in the day. I have been really into meaningful list making over the last month so I really appreciate your post. 🙂


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