Easter Wholefoods Book Review

*I received one copy of Live it, Do it, Easter book for the purpose of this review.  As always all opinions are my own.*

easter ebook reviewI don’t know about anyone else but I have not been feeling Easter this year and procrastination is in overdrive.  I still haven’t gotten all of our Easter eggs and the motivation just isn’t there this year.  I usually get super excited about Easter and setting everything up read for the Bunny to arrive.  I mean, it’s a holiday that encourages the over consumption of chocolate. What’s not to love!?

Since Mr 5 started school at the beginning of the year I have been taking more notice of the food we eat and how it helps him to work better while at school.  I have been making some of the stuff for his lunchbox and focusing on making sure that the take away has been kept to a minimum.  It’s also been a challenge to find things that are quick for him to eat, and that he likes because he’s a busy boy who like most kids is more interested in the playground than sitting to eat.

With the increase of making my own baked goods, I have also been looking at different ways to flavour biscuits and cakes so that Mr 5 is getting as much nutrition as possible.  I’ve tried adding vegetables to our cakes and have been really impressed with the taste.  I have also tried things that have been flavoured with cacao rather than the refined cocoa powder we are used to.  The cheesecake I tried from a local business was to die for!

With saying all of that I have been on the look out for different recipes to find, but everything felt like I needed to spend 4 hours in the kitchen just to get one thing done.  I’m a get in, get out kind of person, especially in the heat we have been experiencing.  When Cassandra from LIVE IT, DO IT! asked for people to check out her new recipe book ready for Easter, I jumped at the chance.

I was looking forward to looking at how Cassandra created yummy Easter treats while still keeping everything as health as possible.  The book layout is great, with each page being accompanied with beautiful pictures of Cassandra, her family and the beautiful food she has created.  Note to self: Don’t look through the book in the middle of the night and you’re hungry! You will find yourself scrounging through your cupboards wondering if you can scrape together enough ingredients to give a recipe a whirl!

Before the recipe section is a shopping list, which while it obviously doesn’t give you the amounts needed to cook every recipe in the book (there are 40 recipes included in the book!) it does give you an outline of the kinds of ingredients you will need.  Each recipe only has 3-4 steps and doesn’t need any fancy kitchen appliances to complete.  The recipe book is filled to the brim with yummy chocolate wholefood recipes.  So this Easter you can have your cake and eat it too!

You can buy your own copy of LIVE IT. DO IT. EASTER from Cassandra’s website here.  Hurry though, it’s $5 for a limited time!

The best part about this review?  I have one copy of Cassandra’s LIVE IT, DO IT! Easter Ebook to give away to a lucky reader.  All you have to do is answer this simple question to be in the running!  Sorry, Australian residents only for this one.

What is your favourite memory about Easter?

Terms and Conditions.

  1. This competition is a game of skill which is judged on the best answer to ‘What is your favourite memory about Easter’.
  2. The competition opens at 7pm on the 29th day of March 2015 and entries close at 6pm on the 31st day of March 2015.
  3. Entries are open to Australian residents only.
  4. One entry per household.  Duplicate entries will be removed.
  5. The winner has 24 hours to respond to email correspondence or the prize will be redrawn.
  6. The prize is one (1) copy of LIVE IT, DO IT Easter Ebook.
  7. All decisions are final and no discussion will be entered regarding the winner.

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9 thoughts on “Easter Wholefoods Book Review

  1. Raych aka Mystery Case

    My first Easter with hubby and he indulged me. I counted 36 Easter eggs all up and I stashed them away, planning on spacing them out over a week or so. I went off to work on the Tuesday after Easter and hubby was home having a flex day.

    I arrived home to find all Easter eggs long gone. On questioning hubby his response “It’s not like I ate them all in the one go. I had some for breakfast, lunch and dinner”. Needless to say, all chocolate, especially Easter eggs need to be under lock and key in this house as our three girls would all be chocoholics like their dad, given half a chance.

  2. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    My favourite memory was waking up as kid and finding a tall easter bunny beside my bed, EVERY YEAR as well as mum’s basket of chocolate goodies on the kitchen table that we got to munch on the week before Easter. Otherwise there wasn’t chocolate in the house, except for cooking stuff and I only stole that when I was desperate!

  3. lisa heidke

    My favourite memories of Easter are definitely ones from when my kids were little (now 14, 17 & 19) and I’d hide chocolates in the yard and they’d each take a basket and search for them. Sure the garden got wrecked, the dog ate half of the chocolates before the kids got a look in – and there was the inevitable squabbling ‘he got more than me!!!’ debacle but all in all, good times were had by all. x

  4. Jemimah Ivers

    My favourite easter memory is from last easter. The night before easter I used a big stencil to help make flour rabbit foot prints all throughout the house (well at least where we had floorboards) and hid easter eggs in the house and backyard. My two girls had a fabulous time running around looking for eggs, but it was more their enjoyment and excitement rather than chocolate that made it such a great day. The chocolate was just an extra bonus for them 🙂

  5. Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    My favourite memory of easter was the very first easter egg hunt we put together for the kids at our old house. We did a treasure map for them to follow and just loved watching our three little bears discover all the chocolate treasures in the backyard. Planning on doing it for the first time this year at the new house – I even have baskets and eggs and easter colouring books ready to go for the day. Seriously, who am I?

  6. Toni @ Finding Myself Young

    I was going to review this book too but I ran out of spare time to post about it before Easter because I have so many posts scheduled {for once I’m organised with my blog posts}. I think Easter is really going to come into its own in our house next year when bub’s nearly 3. She’s still a bit too young to understand it all at the moment and with her allergies we won’t be buying any eggs this year.

  7. natalie@OurParallelConnection

    My favourite ( well funniest) memory as a child was hiding in my bedroom with one of my sisters, desperate to look outside our window to see if we could spot any eggs hidden in the garden. Finally we plucked up the courage to look, pulling the curtain ever so slightly to see out, and thats when my childhood stopped. I saw my dad in his famous blue undies bending over placing eggs in the garden.. argh…

  8. Angela

    I don’t particularly have a favourite easter memory but I did just go and buy the eBook 🙂 You had me sold on 3 or 4 steps 🙂 I seen a healthy cheesecake recipe and I have also seen numerous other healthy recipes and as soon as I see a giant ingredient list and ten million steps I decide that I won’t be making it. I do love to make food and healthy treats are even better but I don’t have the time or energy to even read a huge recipe let alone make it. I did see the other recipe book on her site too and wonder if it is just as good.


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