A whole bunch of WTF

Welcome to The Lounge!  Grab a drink, take a seat and set yourself up for some story telling.  This week the theme is ‘things that make you go hmmmm‘.  If you’ve already written about this before then don’t worry we accept vintage posts too!

I’m going a little bit further with the hmmm feeling and going straight to full on WTF and sharing things that made me want to stop the world and get off.  These are all from this week too!

This post from Lana of Sharpest Pencil about not really loving her Thermomix and the reaction to it.  The hardcore owners of a thermomix didn’t really do themselves any favours by calling Lana names, insinuating that she is scammer (still scratching my head how she managed to do that) and a clickbait title.  To be completely honest I think that the overreaction by some people probably did a lot more damage to the thermomix reputation than someone admitting they don’t love theirs.

This bunch of child abuse masquerading as ‘health care’ that I saw on a friends timeline.  Those ‘drops’ they are talking about?  They are bleach, which is giving orally or through an enema.  These crackpots believe that they are curing their child from Austism by removing the stomach and intestinal lining.  There are just not enough words to describe what I think should happen to these people.

This post about child care centres who have poo buckets.  The woman who prompted the story was presenting with a bag of poo (well not just poo but a log in a pair of undies) after it had been sitting in a bucket for 3 days.  No way in hell would that little parcel have made it into our car.  Apparently it is against health regulations to clean the underwear in a sink, which is fair enough but for goodness sake at least put the log in the toilet.  Or if you are a parent, just tell your childcare that any undies with poo on them can go straight in the bin!

This one was more of a I can’t believe people are still being shits about this.  I had a big old rant on my Facebook Page about our experience with sleep and medication to stimulate sleep.  The amount of people who believe that sleep is a discipline issue is staggering.  No parent with a sleep dodger is ‘letting’ anything happen.  You aren’t a bad or a good parent because of how your child sleeps.  I’m going to leave it there before I start on another rant!

What has been making you shake your head this week?

Does your kids childcare send bags of poo home?


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9 thoughts on “A whole bunch of WTF

  1. Dina

    There was a blog I read recently about a mother that had an adopt son and she was really upset about how her son was called a “thug” just because of the color of his skin. It’s still a sad world that we live in when someone has to write a post about that because people still make assumptions about someone based off the color of their skin.

  2. Katrina Phelan

    I’ll admit I didn’t even click on the link for the bleach story. I cannot take crazy this morning. And Amen on the sleep thing.

    My WTF of the week? I’m sure there was something, but I’m so sleep deprived I can’t remember. LOL

  3. Luisa

    Wow, I am speechless about all of the topics. My little guy who is now nearly 7 had a sleeping disorder and for YEARS my neighbour thought I was a) torturing him (her words), b) keeping him up c) not going the first time he called. So essentially I have no tolerance for individuals that try to ‘teach’ you about sleep training and what not. My child was taken to 2 sleep clinics at 18 months because he would be 7 to 15 times a night. On average I was lucky if we slept 4 hours a night for 3 years. The first one was the worse because he was colicky. People forget that we are all individuals an that each child is unique and different. So you can imagine that I tried everything, sleep training assisted with a specialist or read 12 books; taken him to sleep clinics – to be told that he suffers from a form of insomnia and that he would eventually grow out of it. His cycle is every 6 weeks now. But wow, the comments and the unsolicited help, enough. If you haven’t walked in my shoes, please think twice.


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