Pantry Confessions

This week Kirsty wants us to confess what is in our pantry right now. I must confess that having a clean pantry makes me happy. I like seeing it all in order. Currently though it’s less than tidy, and it makes my face twitch every time I open it.

I have spent a ridiculous amount on Tupperware though, and I do like that all of the stuff I use regularly is easy to find thanks to my modular mates.  I have containers for my flour, pasta and all of the basic stuff.  Having it all in containers means that I can have them in the lower shelves, but still be able to find everything.

It’s so much neater to have Mr 5’s school (I’m still pinching myself that he’s in Prep now!) all in two containers rather than multiple boxes all over the place.  It also means I can see exactly how much is left rather than seeing a box and thinking we have heaps left…only to find there is one measly bar left after I’ve already done the groceries.

Next to all of the school stuff I have the meal mixes and pasta sauce.  There is also tinned food and for some reason enough condensed milk to sink a battle ship.  I also have nuts that I have hidden at the back so that Mr 5 doesn’t eat them before I can make cashew chicken with them.  I’m on to my 3rd packet, he loves his cashews.

At eye level is where I have all of my spices, oils and sauces.  I use a little rack to make it easier to see everything.  I was sick of having to go through a hundred different little bottles to find what I was looking for.  Some of them are store bought, and some of them are from our little veggie and herb patch.  There is fish sauce, oyster sauce, soy sauce and just about every kind of Asian oil you can find…we’re a little partial to a stir fry.  So easy to make, but so yum.

On the top shelf, out my reach mostly is where the odds and ends belong.  There are serving platters, souvenir bottles from our holiday last year and 10 metres of hot pink table cloth.  I needed a table cloth for my outdoor table and it was all I could find.  Plus it was only $5 for the whole roll.

So that’s my pantry, warts and all.  I love the space I have, but sometimes I think that maybe it’s a little too much.  I often forget the things that are in there.  Last time I cleaned out the pantry there was a spice in there that had a best before date of 2011!

Is your pantry neat or chaotic?

When was the last time you checked the dates on your spices?

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10 thoughts on “Pantry Confessions

  1. Julie

    I love a good clean out. Funny when you find something so out of date. Last time I did a clean out there was spices from 2006!! Seriously 🙂

  2. Raych aka Mystery Case

    My pantry is normally super neat and organised to within an inch of its menu planning life. I’ve been known to arrive at relatives places and clean out their fridges and pantries (on request of course).

    At the moment my pantry and the rest of the house is looking rather chaotic by my normal standards and it is driving me around the bend. School is back this week, so it is time for a much needed spring clean.

  3. Lydia C Lee

    I’m a shocker with the use by dates…I finally go to use something and it’s 3 years past…we just did our medicines & sunscreen, 2 full bags for the bin!

  4. Eva @ The Multitasking Mummy

    Wow, your pantry sounds neat and organised! Mine is far from it which is why in our current kitchen renovation plans I am opting for pull out drawer thingys. It also doesn’t help that I’m a short arse and cannot see the back of the shelves so I just stuff everything at the front!

  5. Zita

    I love my tupperware and modular mates. Although now that I am doing Lite n Easy it feels all like a waste as everything goes in the fridge and I have rarely looked in my pantry since I started!


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