The Year of the Aussie

This week for I Must Confess, Kirsty is asking about our favourite books.  I am pretty sure that I have written about it a few times on the blog, so I wanted to share with you the challenge I have set myself for this year.  A challenge to only read books by Australian Authors.australian authors

I first heard about the challenge (hosted by Pip from Meet me at Mikes) in the Pink Fibro Book Club at the end of last year.  I hesitated at first because a year seemed like such a long time to focus on one area of authors.  Then I realised how silly I was being, it was just a year, the books that I found along the way that weren’t by Australian authors were still going to be there when I finished.

I started off on Good Reads and did a search of Australian authors.  There was a massive amount of authors on there, I was starting to get excited about the year ahead.  I found authors that I had forgotten about (John Marsden) and new ones to sink my teeth into.

Last year I read over 30 books for the whole year.  A few of them were easy reads that I managed to push over in a couple of days.  They were books which didn’t really stick in my mind, and I only know that I read them at all because I saved them in my Good Reads read shelf.

I set myself the same amount of books goal but honestly, I’m not sure that I will make it that far.  You see, the first cab off the rank is The House at Riverton (also known as The Shifting Fog) by Kate Morton is proving to be a heavy going story.  It’s so interesting and there is so much detail involved in the writing that I am savouring it all.  I don’t want the story to end, but at the same time I am eager to know what the main characters secrets are.

I haven’t decided what my next book will be, but I do think that I will have to find something light.  It’s much easier to space my heavy books out with a light read in between.  I am so excited about reading books that are a little different than what I am used.  Although I will be revisiting a few favourite authors too.

What’s on your to read list at the moment?

Do you think you could stick to Aussie Authors for a year?

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10 thoughts on “The Year of the Aussie

  1. natalie@OurParallelConnection

    Hey Tegan,

    I use to be an avid reader but like Kirsty, I seem to spend more time blogging social media networking etc. My daughter who writes the blog with me read 73 books last year (yes I know WHAT?) That use to be me. Now I read every night when I go to be but if I’m tired (which is often) it is only for 30mins or so. I am currently reading Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty (Aussie Author) and it is fantastic. Not a difficult read but just what I need at night.

  2. Angela

    I think it is a great challenge. I think I only managed a dozen books and it is the first year that I have managed to even pick up a book. I am already 3 published books in and a 70 chapter fanfiction. Very light reads though and very different from my normal reads but interesting none the less. I have noticed that you were into the Jack Reacher books, and funnily enough, that series is only the 2 Author that Mic had found that he could read multiple books of. Soooo, in light this, and the fact that you are reading Australian authors this year I urge you to give Matthew Reilly a go if you haven’t already. He has a dozen or so books. I believe there are 2 series plus a few short reads and this was the first (and for a long time, only) author that Mic would read. They are full of action but very well researched to not be ridiculously far fetched. If you find that you like him atleast you would be able to knock over a bunch of books without needing a light read in between. Good luck and I would love to hear how you go throughout the year xo

  3. Zita

    I attempted a similar challenge last year linking up with Australian Women’s Writers, to try and promote Australian Female authors (…
    I am embarrassed to say that I only set myself 6 books for the year but didn’t make it. Sadly all the technology and being far too connected means I don’t read as much as I should 🙁
    Something I need to change!

  4. Holly

    I so rarely read these days unfortunately but an Aussie author I really do recommend is Karen Turner and her books Torn & Inviolate. I got to review them last year and they were excellent. I can’t wait for the 3rd book & if you like fantasy, check out the Trilogy by Louise Cusack – Destiny of the light is book one. Also amazing books. Back as a teen I was part of a writers forum held by Louise and she is very talented. Not much written since though unfortunately.

  5. Emily

    I could definitely stick to Aussie authors for a year – so much talent! But I’d give Tim Winton a wide berth. Intellectually, I know he’s talented, but I just can’t follow his narratives.
    I read more than 100 books last year and have very little hope of matching that this year! Aiming for 50. One a week should be okay. Are you after suggestions for Aussie reads? Happy to share some – let me know. x


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