Hot weather and smelly bins

*I received two Air Wick Decorative Jar Candles for the purpose of this review.  As always all opinions are my own*

This summer has been hot, hot, hot.  Looking back at my timehop app (seriously how cool is it!) I’ve realised that this isn’t the hottest summer we’ve had, not by a long shot.  However I think this is the most consistently hot summer we’ve had.  Not even sporadic rainfall has cooled the weather down, in fact I think it made it worse!

Quite possibly the worst thing about the heat?  The smells.  Body odour increases.  Oh the body odour.  There seems to be new smells appearing everyday with the heat magnifying the pong by 1000.

One of those deadly smells has been my neighbour’s wheely bin.  I don’t know what she has in there, but it’s been on the road ready to be collected for the last week and I can still smell it inside the house.  It’s stinking hot and I have to keep the door closed!

It was New Years Day and I was fed up.  I was hot, I was bothered and I was sick of not being able to use my garage where my entertainment setting is because the smell from the bin was so overpowering.  In the afternoons it’s cooler to sit outside but I just couldn’t handle the smell.  Then I remembered the goodies that I had received from Air Wick and decided that now was the perfect time to give them a whirl.

I had two scented candles to choose from which included Unwind (french lavender) and Lemonade Stand (Sweet Summer Fruits).  I love the smell of fruit, especially in summer when there is such a great variety, so I decided to give Lemonade Stand a whirl.airwick decorate candles

I’m a little (ok a lot!) sensitive when it comes to fragrances and I find it hard to breathe if the smell is too strong.  I loved the Lemonade Stand scent though, and the level of scent was perfect.  The decorative glass also made the candle look much nicer, and keep it’s shape.  Which is important in this heat, I’ve lost many a candle to the heat over the years!

Paul and I were able to sit outside for a couple of hours and the candle didn’t lose it’s scent.  The glass did make it hot to the touch, but I made sure to tell Mr 5 not to touch them.  However if you have a little one about the house then I would make sure you place the candle somewhere they can’t reach, even once the candle is out, until the glass has cooled.

Now for the fun part!  I have three decorative candles to giveaway to one lucky reader!  All you have to do is answer this simple question:

What is the worst thing you’ve ever smelled?

It’s a game of skill so the person who makes me throw up in my mouth a little will win this great prize pack!  Entries close on Thursday the 15th of January at 6pm.

Terms and Conditions

  1. This competition opens at 5am Thursday the 8th of January 2015 and closes at 6pm Thursday the 15th of January 2015.
  2. The prize is 3(three) decorative candles for 1(one) winner.
  3. The winner has 48 hours to reply to correspondence from Musings of the Misguided or the prize will be redrawn.
  4. All decisions are final.
  5. The competition is open to Australian residents only. 


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9 thoughts on “Hot weather and smelly bins

  1. Raych aka Mystery Case

    Since having kids I’ve developed a really over sensitive nose. All the perfumes I use to wear to death give me an instant migraine so I’m liking the sound of these candles.

    The worst thing I’ve ever smelt, actually did make me throw up. I was pregnant at the time but almost due, so nothing to do with morning sickness. It’s a wonder the smell didn’t send me into labour.

    What was it? I collected hubby from his ‘friendly’ lunch time work soccer match because he had put his tooth through his lip and needed medical attention (more so when I’d finished with him). The smell had nothing to do with his injury and the massive amounts of blood, sweat and tears spurting everywhere but his attire.

    You see, he doesn’t smell good after sport at the best of times but these weren’t the best of times. He was sporting a shirt and shorts that he’d worn each and every lunch time (without feeling the need to empty his locker and bring home for a quick wash) for a month!

    I had to drive with the windows down. The stench. OMG. I’m wondering now if it was a deliberate attempt to put the opposition (and everyone else) off. The poor nurse that had to stitch him up. She went for a mask pretty quickly.

    Now, what should I be linking up this week?

    1. Tegan Post author

      Oh man! I think I would have made him walk!
      This is The Lounge link up so a post that is either about heat or contains the word heat.

  2. Mirella

    Worst smell ever – gastro in a nursing home. Think gastro in a house, then multiply by about 60 (all the residents go down almost simultaneously). Then add bleach to kill the bug, room deodorizer, carpet cleaner, etc (to help everyone deal with the smell) and ewwww sums it up nicely.

  3. Julie

    Tegan that was too funny I really had a good laugh. I bet she has fish in there. I put fish in my bin one week and OH MY GOD it was shocking!! The bin ended up down the back corner of the yard until collection day and you could still smell it. It’s funny that my post today is also related to smells. When I first moved in here I couldn’t work out the bad smell coming through the window until one day I caught a cat using my garden as a sandbox right outside my window. “Goodbye Cat Spray” ended up as the answer. Have a fresh smelling day.

  4. Alison

    Don’t worry about entering me in the comp I have about fifty candles in the house, including smelly ones, although those do look yum 🙂

    I once went grocery shopping and forgot to bring in a fresh, whole chicken I had just bought. I had a virus and got quite sick and didn’t go out again for a few days, and all the while the chicken carcass was waiting for me in the boot of my car.

    My husband had to walk past my car in the garage every morning, apparently he did notice a whiff of the god awful stench but failed to realise that it might be a problem. On the fourth day I went to put the kids in the car and was nearly knocked over by the smell of rotting flesh. Corpses smell terrible, turns out, even chicken ones. And that smell lingered. Boy did it linger. Even though it was in a plastic bag, even though I shampooed the boot and used air fresheners and put the windows down, 6 months later friends were still getting in and going “Ew, what the hell’s that smell?!”

    Maybe you could empty a bottle of bleach into your neighbour’s bin, surreptitious like?

  5. Caroline Kelly

    My father was not the most hygienic person at the best of times and after his passing, my other half and I went to clean out his residence and found cigarette butts and food in various places, rotting meat and milk past its best before date in the refrigerator and smelly dirty laundry scattered around the home.

  6. Nikki

    A few years ago we were going on holidays and the car would need to be parked at the airport for 10 days. On the way there my son got a stomach bug and threw up all through the car. We cleaned up what we could, but then had to leave the car shut up while we went on holidays. Needless to say the smell when we got back into the car was quite an experience. The windows stayed down for most of the 4hr drive home. (And unfortunately the stomach bug hung around for half the holiday and was so kindly passed around the other three family members; I really felt for the poor cleaning staff at the resort we were staying at).

  7. Aleisha

    We had birds nesting in our gutters. We didint know about this till the eggs hatched. It was so hot and in direct sunlight all day that it seems the baby birds decided to leave the nest early. I went out to hang washing one day after being away for a very hot weekend and a dead baby bird was in the courtyard, under the washing line. Ok, i can usually deal with that, but the smell! Our tiny section gets 85% of the summer sun and it was a 43°c day. The worst part was that when i flipped the tiny body away to hang the washing, it was moving! I had to dispose of it right away and then refused to hang washing and put it in the dryer because of the smell, and i think the feeling of utter disgust of seeing the maggots.


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