My goals for 2015

At the beginning of this year, I made the decision to not have any resolutions because it’s always just a list of things that I will fail at.  This year is no different, but I am going to set goals for myself because I am sick of floating through life.

  • Study – I signed up for an online course a couple of weeks ago and I’m waiting for my course information to be delivered.  In 18 months I will have a Diploma of Web Development.  I’m doing this for me, and for the blog.  I’m sick of feeling scared every time I do something with code, so I want to be able to learn to do it properly.
  • House running efficiently – At the moment I am mid spring clean.  I have had a family of mice move into my roof, who have now moved into the house after heavy rain.  It’s time to get on top of things and keep the house visitor ready.  This doesn’t mean it needs to look like a page of home beauty, but it does mean I need to do housework more often.  I’m going to go back to some of the FLY principles that I have used in the past, especially using ad breaks and timers to do housework.
  • Continue therapy – Sometimes it feels like it is two steps forward and one step back but I know that I am making progress, especially with how I express emotions.  The thing that I need to work on is being more engaged with Mr 5 and what he is doing.  I’m aware that some of the things he is doing are because he is trying to get attention from me, regardless of whether it’s good or bad.  With him starting school next year, there is going to be less time that we spend together, so I want that time to be quality.
  • Being more organised – This is a pretty broad one but I know that it can be measured. I have mentioned multiple times about how much I love lists, and I really want to utilise those and a calendar more next year.  I know that with Mr 5 starting school next year, there will be a lot more things to remember and trying to remember them all makes me anxious, which impacts my sleep.  The lack of sleep then makes my memory worse.

A few people also choose a word to help navigate their year.  I think the word that I want to show us the way through the next year is GROWTH.  There is so much happening for us next year, and I think that it really does have the potential to change us, for the better.

Do you set goals for the New Year?

Have you set a word for the New Year?

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12 thoughts on “My goals for 2015

  1. Angela

    I’m unsure if you noticed but you wrote goals for 2014, not 2015. 😛 That aside, I love your goals. Our goals at the moment are to be more connected with each other and since starting medication nearly a month ago, I feel much lighter within myself. I am in general much happier and I like it. We recently watched the movie ‘The Equaliser’ and what we have taken from it was the quote “Progress, not perfection” (we like the movie too!) and it is helping us a lot already. One tiny step forward in the right direction is still one tiny step toward our goal. We have also started our daily goal in which it is helping to achieve more as I usually do more than a want done for the day and as long as I’ve done my goal then I am happy. We have also chosen 3 main things (furniture/technology wise) that we wish to upgrade this coming year. We prioritised them and now we have 4 months to do each. As soon as we purchase the first item, the 4 months starts for the next item which will then leave room at the end of the year for something else (we hope lol). I look forward to hearing about your growth throughout the year too. xo

  2. Dannie Wallace

    Great goals here! I aim to be more organised as well with my yiah business and to complete my vision board .I never really learnt how to code in the 5 years i blogged *sigh* oh well might one day.
    I may comeback with some cooking thing even a Youtube channel now that has been an idea that will be in the works for this year 😉

  3. Ness

    I have similar goals, except for the web development course. Good luck with that, btw. Sounds perfect for you. I’m going to join a local writing group so that I force myself to write something at least on a weekly basis, if not daily. House work and being more organised are a constant struggle and that continues for 2015. Other than that I would just like to laugh more. Luckily I can laugh at myself so that should work out!

  4. Sarah from Creating Contentment

    Yay! for signing up to study!! I am thinking on doing this too. I am just not sure if I am brave enough. I have studied online previously and it can be such hard work around family, plus this year my Husband is full time on campus, so we’ll be pretty academically maxed. Still, doing something you are really interested in and really want to do can be such a big motivator. Good luck. Cant wait to read all about how you go!

  5. Kell - All Mum Said

    I don’t usually do resolutions as they seem destined for failure. I do however set myself goals as well and this year as you know mine are achievable providing I give myself a lot of arse whoopings!
    I’d love to learn coding as I also freak out at the thought of touching them.

  6. Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    Good luck with your studies – that’s really exciting. And I’d like to be more organised with the housework and with life in general too but I’m not holding my breath at being more successful with those things this year…that might have to be an ongoing process 😉

  7. Zita

    Great goals and great word Tegan! With Mr 5 starting school there will be many new changes and challenges for both of you! All the best for making these things happen! Look forward to seeing how you go!

  8. Chantell

    A really great list of goals, Tegan! The course about web development sounds exciting! I love the way you recognize that there is a chance you may end up overwhelmed, and therefore need to be flexible…That gives you a much greater chance of succeeding! Wishing you lots of luck hun for the year ahead ~and good luck to your son for starting school too! My little boy starts kindy this year too 🙂


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