Wear it with your pride

This week for I must confess Kirsty is talking about swimsuits.  Originally I wasn’t going to write a post or link up because I don’t have a laptop and I’m on holidays. However spending two days in and out of a pool at our accomodation and a trip to Wet n Wild planned for later in the week, I actually have a few things to say.IMG_20151111_151856

Currently I’m on the Gold Coast.  It’s a place that is well known for its tourist attractions, beautiful beaches and not always savoury characters. It also feels like it’s filled with beautiful people, fit people. It’s easy to feel unattractive, especially if your self esteem isn’t that great to start with.

Ive always worn swimmers. I wear shorts over them but I’ve never seen the point in just wearing clothes.  Maybe it’s because I swam a lot both for fun and as a part of a squad when I was younger.  I never wore shorts when I was training and rarely thought twice about it.  To me, comfort and being streamlined in the water was more important than how I looked.  Sure I was conscious of my body but the practicality won over those thoughts.

I currently have black and white one piece.  It’s not overly stylish but it holds everything in so I’m happy.  I also wear bike pants with them because they are comfy and not as restrictive as board shorts, especially when you have a severe case of thunder thighs.  Again my level of comfort is more important to me than how I look.  I wear shorts because I know that I will spend most of the time pulling my togs down, getting rid of the non existent wedgie because I’m self conscious and just like the girl who wears a mini but spends the entire time checking to make sure her undies aren’t showing, I know that I will cause less people to look my way if I look confident in what I’m wearing.

One thing that I have noticed over the last couple of days is that people of all shapes and sizes wear bikinis.  Whether they should or not is not anyone’s business.  However one thing I did notice, whether they were a size 6 or a size 26, they all looked comfortable and confident.  The weren’t tugging at their swim suits trying to hide. They weren’t wearing a bikini to try to prove a point they weren’t comfortable with and it showed.  All I could see were women who had chose a swim suit they loved and were confident wearing it.

I don’t think that the answer to body love is women getting out in bikinis regardless of their size to prove a point.  I think that the answer is wearing swimmers that you feel good in is the answer.  Whether that be a full body suit or an itsy bitsy tiny weenie bikini, that’s entirely up to you.  Be confident and it will shine through your actions.

Do you wear a bikini?

Is your style more for comfort or style?

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