The stuff that happened.

It’s back to reality around here. There’s a ton of washing to do and a list a mile long if things I need to do before Christmas.  It was definitely back to reality with a thud but I must say I’m looking forward to sleeping in my own bed!  Now it wouldn’t be business as usual without my weekly confession. It’s a nice easy one this week with 10 things that happened in 2014!

  1. Our first touristy holiday. I’m exhausted and somehow I managed to get sunburnt behind my knees but Mr 5 had fun and that’s what matters.
  2. Interviewed on radio.  I know I keep going on about this but it was a pretty awesome experience.
  3. Part of the Q&A audience. I was so excited about it, my nerves nearly got the better of me but I pushed through and did it anyway.
  4. I smashed through my stats goal for the blog and have nearly reached my next one!
  5. I blogged every single day for a month.
  6. We planted and grew our own veggies and herbs.
  7. Made enough cupcakes to sink a battleship and successfully pulled off a monster truck cake.
  8. Took Mr 5 to his Prep orientation. It still hasn’t sunk in that he’ll be starting school next year. I think I’ll be a little lost without my little guy at home all day.
  9. I set myself a challenge to read 25 books this year. I finished my 25th last week!
  10. Manage to pull off a surprise visit to my mum. The look on her face was absolutely worth it.


What have been your highlights for 2014? 

Is it just me or do you go completely blank when trying to think of cool stuff that’s happened? 

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