I miss my laptop

Welcome to The Lounge for another week.  If you follow me on any social media then you will know that I am down a laptop.  So this week I am being completely materialistic and I want to know what things you can’t do without.

This week I am writing to you from my dinosaur laptop.  It has taken an hour for me to get to this point, but man am I glad to be typing on a normal keyboard and seeing the words flowing as fast as my thoughts.  I tried to use a keyboard with my Ipad but the keyboard was too little and my fingers were pressing every button expect the one I wanted.  I used it to write the first paragraph of this post and those 3 sentences took me 10 minutes!

I didn’t realise how much I used and relied on my laptop until it died.  It’s been sent away to be hopefully fixed and I hope that I will get it back soon.  Having a blog but not a computer to write it on is doing my head in.  I can feel my calm, planned posts slipping through my fingers as each day goes past.  Dramatic?  Maybe but I do everything with that laptop.

Have you ever tried to fill in an online form on a mobile?  I mean sure I am lucky that I have a mobile with a relatively large screen but it’s the touch that drives me barmy.  I think that I have checked yes but after hitting submit, the system tells me that I missed a question.  That damn check box.  I zoom in, but not all websites allow you to do that, so you are left wildly pressing your finger on the screen, hoping that at least one of them checks the box.

Before we went on holidays, I thought no big deal, I can do everyone on my phone or tablet.  Everything that is expect print out the tickets for the theme parks my parents had gotten us for Christmas.  No big deal I told myself, the shopping centre across the highway from me has those internet kiosks.  At least they used to.  I then remembered that the library has free access to the internet and computers.

I now know why the library internet is free, and why there seemed to be no one using it.  It was slower than a wet week.  I had flash backs of high school where my English teacher would tell me that patience was a virtue because I’d complained about the internet speed for the 100th time that lesson.  It was slightly faster than dial up, slightly.

This week and hopefully not for too much longer, I am missing my laptop.  The laptop that goes fast and doesn’t freeze if I open more than 3 windows on the internet.  Yes I’m materialistic because I miss a computer, but I don’t care.  I just want the laptop back, I even promise not to swear at it again.

Have you tried to fill out a form online lately?

Would you miss technology?

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