The Gift of Calm

Welcome to Sunshine Sunday.  This week the topic is Gift, so if you have a post to link up then please feel free.

It’s Christmas time, and the word gift is on everyone’s lips.  The shops are filled with impatient (and stupid) people who are trying to get the perfect gift or anything for their loved ones.  Stress is high and it seems like it only takes a little bit for someone to snap.  So this year I am giving myself the gift of calm.

Each year, I’m bubbling with stress, the cracks start to show as we get closer and closer to the day.  This year time just seems to have gotten away from me, but this year I am trying something different.

I mentioned in my post about surviving the silly season that lists are my saviour and it’s true.  I really don’t give them enough credit.  You see, I am a worrier.  I worry that everything isn’t just so, that I won’t have everything I need, that I will forget something that is important.  Lists don’t completely get rid of this worry, that’s something for the therapists chair.

However this year I am combining my list with a calendar.  I put it up yesterday afternoon and already I can feel the calm of not having to remember everything being lifted.  The calendar is A3 size and it has everything written on it.  It has blog posts and jobs that I need to do before Christmas Day.  It’s in my face and I can add to it as I need to.

This year I am giving myself the gift of calm because that’s what I need.  Calm is going to get me through the next week and a half.  Calm is an ever changing state and I’m allowing myself room to move.  Calm doesn’t mean being a doormat, it means only taking on what I need.

What are you giving yourself as a gift this year?

Have you got your Christmas Shopping done yet?

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