I must confess, I love my pet

This week the prompt for I must confess is Pets.  I must say, as much as I loved the month of mental health, it is great to be able to get back into writing to a prompt with Kirsty.  Plus I love talking about animals, there is just something relaxing about them.

We have had Layla for over 12 months now.  She is part of the family and I couldn’t imagine not having her around.  We probably do all of the wrong things with her because she sleeps in my bed and spends most of her time indoors.  She does love being outside though and we often take her out in our front yard so she can watch the world go by.  Although there are times when she spends most of the time sitting on my lap.

Layla is so patient with Mr 5.  People told us that getting a smaller dog would mean that she would be less tolerant of him, and would snap at him when she got frustrated.  I usually replied that I tended to snap at him too when I was frustrated!  However the reality couldn’t be further from the warnings we received.  She puts up with him trying to wrestle with her, and as much as the fight some days, she does love curling up with him in bed.

She is a foxy terrier and has boundless amounts of energy, so for our sleep dodging, filled to the brim with energy boy, she is the perfect addition.  They chase each other up and down the run in the back yard.  I’m really not sure who has the most energy!

Layla has also been a great addition for my mental health.  Some days it feels like I have two children, and I’m not sure who I yelled at more through out the day but I love the antics that they get up to.  She so often pics up on my mood as well, and when I am really struggling she will often lay across my feet or curled up under my legs on the couch.  It’s nice.

I am so glad that I made the decision to get a pet.  They aren’t for everyone, but we love her to death.

Do you have any pets?  Are they an important part of your family?

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