Family: Sunshine Sunday

family sunshineFamily.  They can be your biggest support and your biggest stress all rolled into one big package.  Family can also be about who you let in your life, the people who you share your ups and downs with.  Sometimes these people aren’t blood, they are the family that you choose.

Family.  They are the people who choose you and the people who you choose.  There are times when blood means nothing, and times when blood is everything.  There are times when the legacy means you are destined to succeed and times when it seems to hold you back.

Family.  They are the people who you long to be close to and the people who you are itching to get away from.  They are the people who celebrate the good times with you and help to pick you up when bad times come knocking.  They can be the people who you can’t wait to share news with, or the people you avoid.

Family.  They are the people smiling back at you in photographs, with arms wrapped around each other.  They are the people who seem to be miles away, and living in your town.  They are the people who help you collect memories, the people who don’t let you forget.  Even if you want to.

Family.  They are the people who you grow up with.  They are the people who know you better than you know yourself and the people who only know you from the smiling photographs.  There are times when it feels like you are strangers and times when you don’t think you could possibly imagine your life without them.

Family.  They are the people who nurse a broken heart and the people who can cause one.  They are the people who stand up for you when no one else will and the people who give you tough love when you need it.  They are love.

Family.  They are the people who are special to you.  There are different kinds of family and there is no right or wrong family.  The word family is who you make it, it’s not a one size fits all.

What does family mean to you?  Do you have friends who you count as family?

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2 thoughts on “Family: Sunshine Sunday

  1. Lydia C. Lee

    There are friends who are like family (but usually with less baggage in the relationship). My husband grew up with a then-girl and we’ve stayed friends and go away on holidays together as families etc. One night we had dinner without the kids and on the way home she sent me a txt saying ‘It’s always so good when we get together, it’s like being with family without the stress’. It was a really nice thing to say. We often say it to each other but don’t tell the relevant people…we should share the feeling around a bit more.

  2. ann

    I think of the saying ÿou can choose your friends” when I think about family lately!! Both sides of our families are driving me nuts lately so best to bite my tongue on this subject!!
    Love this post.


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