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It’s 9:50pm on a Monday night, my laptop has 57 minutes worth of power left and the cursor is mocking me…just blinking away on the computer screen.  I seem to have bloggers block, I thought I had all of this stuff down pat.  Now the ideas seem to have dried up.  So I am going to borrow an idea from Lydia of Where the Wild Things Were.  Occasionally she writes a post about things that have been on her mind called ‘Riddle me this..’.

Here are the things that have been bugging me lately:

  • Why do the people who are in charge of organising the television show line-ups put all of the good shows on one night?  Surely if they put their new show on a night when nothing else is on then they’ll get better ratings!
  • Why is it that Mr 5 will happily eat spag bog but if I dare to change the pasta he won’t touch it!?
  • Why does the dye I do myself at home last longer than the hairdresser stuff?
  • Why is it that I have trouble falling asleep at home and yet I was dead tired by 9pm all last week while I was at my mum’s house?
  • Why hasn’t someone invented the ability to teleport yet?  Seriously, I have an almost 8 hour bus ride to get home on Wednesday and I would really appreciate being able to give that miss.
  • Why does absence make the heart grow fonder?
  • I’m currently watching an early episode of The Mentalist..how is it that Jane and Lisbon look like they haven’t aged at all, despite the show now being in its 6th season?  Hell..none of the actors look like they’ve aged..I want to know what serum they’re all taking.
  • Why does the last 10% of battery always drain the fastest?
  • Why does Facebook always glitch at the start of the month?  Really, it’s been bugging me for a while now.

What’s been bugging you lately?

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22 thoughts on “Bugging Me

  1. Vanessa

    Why can’t people use indicators when driving? It’s SO EASY. All I have to do is stretch my pinky finger. And I say this as a fairly lazy person too – so if I can stretch my pinky finger, surely others can?

  2. Lydia C. Lee

    Mwhahaha – that’s my evil laugh as my world domination is beginning – eventually you will all think as weirdly as me.
    The pasta thing drives me nuts!
    As for the Mentalist, I believe the serum is botox – I don’t watch the show, so can’t speak specifically, but in Hollywood, that is generally the case…
    Yes, we seem way behind on the teleporting skills…

  3. crystal

    When you’re having a really SHIT day, driving along bawling your eyes out heading to your friends. Shes not home. Pull over. Call another friend and have the cars fan on.. phone credit runs out. Go to start the car. Battery is flat!

  4. Jodi Gibson (JF Gibson Writer)

    Point 1 – Yes! I know! Severely irritates me.
    What’s bugging me?
    Why does it always rain when you have something planned, but never rain when we actually need it?
    Why do people rush to get on the plane as soon as the boarding starts and then have to wait for everyone else to board sitting in a cramped space for even longer than necessary?

  5. Mark

    What bugs me is ME and the fact I can’t often figure out why? A dreamer, a planner, a schemer but rarely a follow througher. So many ideas yet very few attempted – none successfully. Still we plod on. What else is there?

  6. Lani @ freezecheese

    Hi Tegan, writers’ block bugs the serious bejesus out of me. I struggle with it a lot these days. It doesn’t help that there always seems this pressure to do, do, do things, that time is limited, that there’s so much to achieve. I’m thinking I need to institute a computer-free day once a week, to attempt to wind back my dependence on always feeling I need to make the most of every micro-second. It’s exhausting. And I already have two kids and not enough sleep to exhaust me! Adios and Happy Tuesday 🙂

  7. EssentiallyJess

    I didn’t notice the FB thing, although it did glitch yesterday. Is that still the start of the month?
    I was watching an old episode of How I Met Your Mother the other day, and they have aged. Not a lot, (except for Jason Segal), but they aren’t the baby faced actors they were when the series started.

  8. Jess - Peachy Keen Mumma

    Facebook glitches at the start of the month? Is that why my post numbers have been down. I just thought i was temporally sucking at life. haha! Because, you know, FB is my meter for how much life sucking I’m doing. If you have an apple TV you should just go to the unblock-us website and pay $5 and get an American IP address and then go buy Netflix. You can pause any show at any time, have numerous multiple shows on the go, a whole series at your fingertips. Thousands of shows. Say good bye to the shitty television line-ups. Australia needs to move into 2014 with out the foxtel prices!! rant done!

  9. Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    My immune system is bugging me at the moment. Why get sick now, with only a few weeks left at work and with so much to do before I leave? Why can’t I get sick when I don’t need to go to the GP and pay $70 just to get a doctor’s certificate? GRRR…

  10. Alicia

    Yes! It totally bugs me why there is no teleportation yet! Some nerdy scientist isn’t doing his job properly haha.
    I want to know why time goes faster after the kids are in bed and I finally have some time to myself? Is that the time already?!

  11. Sonia Life Love Hiccups

    WHAT the hell is it with the battery draining thing? My phone goes from 15% t flat in like 5 minutes. I also want to know why do people insist on parking so close to you that you cant even open your door to get in. I had to climb through the boot today to get into my car! grrrr xx

  12. Pinky Poinker

    That is so TRUE about batteries! Why??? The same thing seems to happen with the petrol in my car. The first half of the tank lasts a week and a half but the second half only lasts two days!

  13. Grace

    FB glitches at the beginning of the month? I never noticed! I should pay more attention LOL! And yeah, why does that last 10% of battery go so quickly??? There should be some reserve feature, like a car.


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