FFS Friday 11th July 2014

I haven’t done one of these for a while, but after dealing with 3 different phone waiting systems I decided now was as good a time as any!

Last month I got a ridiculously large phone bill because I was charged for stuff I didn’t use FFS

I decided to keep any eye on my bill for this month (I always do anyway) and when it appeared this month..once again I had been overcharged for the same things FFS

I was going to go in store to fix it up because I find it easier when I can point out the problem rather than trying to fix it over the phone.  I decided to do it over the phone.  The operator hung up on me FFS

I called back and spoke to another operator, she said ‘Oh you’ve already called us about this last month’.  Yes I know..it happened again this month FFS.

Finally got it all sorted out and my bill is back to being in credit NO FFS.

While I was in the mood for punishment I also decided to call Centrestink.  Twice FFS.

I worked out the answer to my own problem after being on hold for 45 minutes FFS

After I hung up I realised that I still had another thing to work out with them.  Back into the waiting list I went FFS.

When I finally got through to an operator, she transferred me because she said I wasn’t in the sector I needed to be..despite calling the phone number for that department FFS

It was another 40 minute wait FFS

I finally got my questions answered and had spoken to the person I needed to.  NO FFS

I decided that two frustrating calls weren’t enough and called the hospital to check on the referral for Mr 4.  It was another 20 minute wait on the phone FFS.

Despite me having a letter that says they received his referral in December..apparently the only referral they have on their system is the second one my GP sent last month.  Looks like we’re at the back of the line FFS

I still have no idea how they can acknowledge a referral in the first place, then completely ignore it 6 months down the track FFS

Did I mention this all happened before 12pm on Thursday FFS

I had grand plans of finishing tidying up while Mr 4 was at daycare.  I had a 4 hour nap instead NO FFS

I sat down to write an epic post about the awesomeness of ideas for Robo and The Lounge..but this is what is came out instead!

I hope that today is a much better day..but after yesterday I think I can handle anything the universe decides to lob my way!  Although, universe if you are listening..that is not a challenge!

What has been pissing you off this week?

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10 thoughts on “FFS Friday 11th July 2014

  1. Me

    Dealing with those types of phone calls drive me up the wall – I think I would rather have my nails pulled than make those calls some days !! Good on you for sticking with them and getting them done although I hear your frustration about them having a referral and then not – dumb arses !!
    Have the best day today that you can !
    Me xox

  2. Pinky Poinker

    I’ve been caught mid scream on the line while waiting for the operator more than once. You poor thing, Hopefully today WILL be better. Stay away from phones and good for you taking a nap 🙂

  3. Emily

    YUCK. Yuck yuck yuck. Nothing worse than when, in the middle of other people annoying you, you do something to annoy yourself (like hang up on Centrelink when you have something else to discuss). It’s like poison. Glad it’s all behind you!

  4. Sarah Mac

    Stay away from the phone today FFS !!

    I hate being on hold and those really infuriating ones where you have to go through 7 different options to get to the place you want to be and then you accidently press the wrong number and have to start all over again FFS!

  5. Emma Fahy Davis

    Centrelink drive me to tears and this time of year is especially bad with tax time. And don’t even get me started on how Sades had to wait 13 months for her MRI because they lost the original referral… I hope your wait is significantly less than that!

  6. Alicia

    Aaargh! I called Telstra for an elderly friend. I got hung up on too while the operator talked to his superior, because he had no idea what he was doing. I then had to call back and explain the whole deal to someone else, in another country! FFS!
    They must think we have nothing better to do with our time than sit on the phone. I didn’t get a nap, I went home and cooked tea ha ha.

  7. Lisa Wood

    Oh gosh you were brave to face phone bills and centrelink together in one day!!
    And then the hospital….very brave women you are 😉
    Yeah I so would have taken a nap after all that.
    Hope the phone bill is sorted for next month, and hope the hospital appointment goes through soon 🙂

  8. Grace

    Gawd…my stress levels sky rocket when I have to deal with customer service people on the phone! My husband has a much higher level of patience and even after a 40 minute wait, he’s so nice and polite. While me? I’m ready to smash the phone against the wall…


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