The Winter Edition

Welcome to The Lounge!  I hope you are having an awesome week, and if not then take a seat, grab a drink and commiserate with us.  This week the theme is Winter.  Remember we do accept posts from the vault so if you haven’t had a chance to write something brand spanking new then never fear!

We’re 11 days into winter and it appears that Central Queensland still hasn’t quite got the memo.  I’m currently sitting in a singlet and shorts, longing to be able to wear the comfy, fleecy dressing gown that Mr 4 got me for Mother’s Day.  Alas I have only worn it once, when we had a cold snap a couple of weeks ago.

Normally I hate winter, I don’t like being cold and I can’t sleep when I’m cold.  Thankfully I live in a brick house that keeps in a lot of warmth so this generally isn’t an issue.  I don’t like having to wear layers when I leave the house, especially when I then have to peel them off later.  It’s just more things for me to have to carry!

This year though I am looking forward to it, and mother nature, the cow that she is has replied by not giving us one.  I finally found a nice knit jumper that doesn’t completely look like it looks more at home on a 70 year old and the only time I have been able to wear it was when we went to Brisbane on the weekend.

Kids clothes just get that much cuter in winter too don’t they!  Especially when you have a boy, during summer it’s all just tshirts and shorts.  However in winter there is beanies and cute boots.  I also love the fluffy jackets and footy jerseys that make an appearance in winter.

Winter also means curling up under a blanket to watch television, not wanting to move once you’re warm but being let down by your bladder.  Every. Single. Time.  There’s also nothing better than snuggling under the blanket on a Sunday morning, when you don’t have to be anywhere and it’s nice and warm under there.  I also love the sweet revenge of placing cold feet on your partner when he tries to catch you in a dutch oven!

I rarely look forward to winter but this year I am missing it dearly.

Do you love winter or are you a cold frog?

Next week we have another guest host for The Lounge.  Lydia will taking over the reins so be sure to make her welcome next week!  Also if you would like to be a guest host then please get in contact with us through the Facebook Page.

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6 thoughts on “The Winter Edition

  1. Lydia C. Lee

    I would trade you for the cold snap for some warmth – I’m finding it hard to get out of bed in the mornings (and the World Cup is starting tomorrow! So I’ll have to be up even earlier!!

  2. dawni

    I’m definitely a frog. Give me summer any day! It’s actually been quite cold here the last couple of days – I’m shivering in my long sleeve shirt this morning!

  3. ann

    I love the cooler weather. I am in my nice warm robe now!!
    I am a little sad though as now we have insulation we don’t need a wood fire like we had in the old place as the house would get too hot. Nothing better than a cold rainy day and a fire going!!

  4. Renee at Mummy, Wife, Me

    It has finally started to get a little cooler in Brisbane although I’m wearing a singlet top today!! Miss Three keeps asking when Winter is coming. I’ve told her July – so get your act together Winter!

  5. Zita

    Give me Autumn and Spring anyday!! It was SO freaking cold here this weekend, I don’t think we got above 10 degrees today and that’s without the wind chill factor! FRAH.REE.ZING!!!
    I hate the going to the toilet part of winter as well!!! So many layers and they never go up the way they went down!! lol….
    Sorry for the late linkup.. crazy week!

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