Radiant Return: Review/Giveaway

*I received one box of Radiant No Sort Powder for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own*

I must admit that when it comes to doing the washing I take as few short cuts as possible.  The only sorting I do is towels and clothes.  I pretty much suck at keeping the whites white and I don’t really take notice if a new pair of jeans or a bright top has been thrown in with them.  There have been some interesting colours come out of the wash!

I've had the white shirts turn into pink ones too Peppa!  Image credit

I’ve had the white shirts turn into pink ones too Peppa!
Image credit

The most recent housework fail was a pair of pastel pink shorts that have a nice tie dyed effect thanks to the blue jeans they were put in with so unfortunately into the rag bag they went.  I have had a few clothes go the same way.  So when I received the Radiant No Sort product in the mail it was like they had read my mind!

radiant no sortI did a couple of loads with the washing powder and I was really impressed with the results.  Just to put the no sort promise to the test I put in a white singlet with those offending blue jeans.  The white singlet had started to fade and discolour because it was one of my favourite tops so the wear/wash turn over was pretty high.

I admit I was apprehensive when I opened the washing machine lid, preparing myself to see nice blue streaks added to my favourite shirt.  Upon inspection I was happy to discover that there had been no run and the white singlet looked brand new.  The washing powder also has a gorgeous smell that filled the house when it was delivered.  I even joked to Paul that I was going to put a bowl of it in the middle of the kitchen table to use as an air freshener!

To help prove just how awesome the products are, Radiant has created the Radiant Return series.  It involves 2 guys who put clothes through their paces (my favourite is the Nonna’s House episode), then wash them with Radiant products with the intention of being able to take them back to the store they were bought from.  Radiant is so confident in their product that they wanted to prove that clothes would look just as good as new after being washed with the products.  The results are amazing!

Radiant is available in 3 variants (Brilliant Whites Sharper Colours, No Sort and Sensitive) so there really is something for everyone.  All of the products contain Radiant’s new Colour Guard Technology to ensure that your clothes look new for longer.  For more information and to check out the other Radiant Return Episodes head over to the website.

I have one $50 Big W Gift Card to giveaway to one lucky reader.  Entry is simple, just answer the following question:

Which Radiant product do you need in your life and why?

Entries close next Friday the 5th of July 2014 at 6pm.  If you are unable to comment then please don’t hesitate to email me: tegan.musings@gmail.com

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The prize is one (1) Big W voucher to the value of $50.
  2. Entries open 12am on the 27th of June 2014 and close at 6pm on the 5th of July 2014.
  3. Winners have 48 hours to respond to communication or the prize will be redrawn. No exceptions.
  4. Competition is open to Australian residents only.
  5. All decisions are final.

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30 thoughts on “Radiant Return: Review/Giveaway

  1. Diana

    Black wash, seems our loads are full of black clothes these days. With any luck it’s a magical liquid that completely removes lint and fluff from the wash too!!!

  2. DIANA O

    Colour care liquid capsules, they had me at no mess, no fuss and tough on stubborn stains and dirt…..because I do like to sort my wash before I do it. Call me old fashioned!



  4. Joanne Emery

    Radiant Sensitive would be a huge hit in this house – everyone seems to react to something different so I try to have a selection of different detergents to keep everyone happy!

  5. Sarah T

    I love the Radiant black wash. Its great for my husbands work clothes and helps them to stop fading so fast!

  6. Michelle V

    Let me indulge you in this short rhyme
    I’ll take you back to once upon a time
    A mother bought school socks, whiter than white
    They looked so clean, so crisp, so bright
    But after a few wears, the socks gathered dirt
    And mother, she scrubbed and scrubbed til it hurt
    But try as she might, the socks stayed black
    She knew in her heart there was no going back
    She’s tried liquids, and powders, even laundry soap
    Maybe RADIANT Brilliant Whites Sharper Colours will revive them and give mother hope!

  7. Kasey

    Radiant No Sort…..having children I do alot of washing & mixing whites with colours can sometimes be a disaster!

  8. Angela

    No sort hands down. In the day and age where people are more conscious of water usage and busier than usual, no sort allows more time for the fun things. Less loads of washing which also means less water used and less trips to the clothes line. Sounds like a winner to me.

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  10. Mystery Case

    Given that all my whites are now pink thanks to goodness knows who or what, I’m loving the look of the no sort washing powder. Failing that I would love something that would return my pinks to white! lol

  11. Rachel Kriss-Newell

    If ever I need help it is truly now
    My washing machines possessed I’m sure of it – how?
    Whenever I walk past it emits a furious groan
    It leaves nasty blotches over all the cotton clothes
    Even colours aren’t exempt from ruination, oh man!
    My son’s cricket whites are now a faded pink – ‘glam’

    Being a busy mum with 3 kids and a man
    I need no fuss, Radiant No Sort is the plan
    Throw in all the clothes, no time to sort
    Need my whites to sparkle, clean greasy bibs like it ought
    But if Radiant have a product to ‘seek and find’
    All those alien socks that remain lost, undefined.

  12. Stephanie Veljanovska

    Radiant Sensitive for us 3 out of 4 people in our house have eczema and right now being Winter it is so flared up and painful . My 3 year old keeps him self up a night by scratching and a good quality sensitive washing powder may help us to all stay comfortable.

  13. Cathy Stone

    As a busy mum with a hectic life,
    I need Radiant No Sort in my life,
    to take the hassle out of washing you see,
    and make this chore easy peasy.
    Chuck it in, that’s all I need,
    Makes my washing so clean,
    No more sorting, colours running, or giving me the blues,
    Instead I have confidence, to know Radiant No Sort is the No 1 product to use.
    It come out smelling gorgeous, looking like new,
    It’s amazing results gives me back my sanity, a smile on my face,
    Radiant No Sort makes washing a breeze,
    and it’s simply great.

  14. Charlotte S

    Brilliant Whites Sharper Colours would be perfect for us… we tend to hold onto favourite clothes for far too long, wearing them long after their colours dull and their white greys. Radiant would give all my old wardrobe wonders a new lease on life!

  15. Melissa Jones

    The washing result that Radiant No Sort gives impresses me. With it I don’t have to wash light coloured clothes and dark ones separately. Save me time and energy which are most important to a busy mum.

  16. Melissa

    Radiant No Sort is a winner for me! I don’t sort unless it is a new item and it is dark!! Th less interaction th better I say. Chuck it in, walk away!

  17. Amanda Gorton

    I’m often known as being slightly overly pedantic about my laundry……soaking, spraying and hand washing. So Radiant Brilliant Whites Sharper Colours would be a great time saver helping me in my pursuit of laundering perfection, especially because like me it is tough on stubborn stains and dirt.

  18. Krystal

    After reading your review I’m intrigued to try Radiant Sensitive. My family’s skin is very picky when it comes to washing powder, causing hives, irritation etc. So our household could definitely use some Radiant Sensitive if the results were as amazing as yours. Thanks 🙂

  19. Kell Kelly

    R.eturning from school dirty day after day,
    A. white shirt for kids? Oh please No way!
    D.on’t you know in filth their cloaked?
    I.n brilliant whites (sharper colours ) their shirts get soaked.
    A. few hours of soaking and into the wash,
    N.ot a mark left on them. Wow oh gosh!
    T.his is why Radiant has a place in my home.

  20. Jennifer B.

    Domestic training starts young in my home. My kids are learning to be responsible for their own laundry and how to use the washing machine…
    So it’s Radiant NO-SORT for me. Organising colours can come later!

  21. Ross S

    Sensitive… because after what our clothes get put through it’s nice to know that they’ll get at least some sensitive treatment once a week.

  22. Cathy Stone

    Hello, Thanks for a great blog, Just wondered where do you annouce competition winners. Thanks Cathy:)


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