Living the Fear

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Fear lies.

Fear hates success.

Fear stops you living.

Fear creates a locked prison.

Fear doesn’t care about your life.

Fear pushes away people who love you.

Fear creates monsters in the darkness of your mind.

Fear stops you from asking for help.

Fear wants to be your master.

Fear doesn’t allow self love.

Fear is all encompassing.

Fear loves helplessness.

Fear paralyses.


Linking up with Zanni for Sunshine Sunday.

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4 thoughts on “Living the Fear

  1. Lydia C. Lee

    So true. As I have said in the past, I love that old Dave Allen thing, ‘There is nothing to fear except fear itself’ (I know it’s Roosevelt originally, but for me it’s Dave Allen)

  2. Zanni Louise

    Yes Tegan – that line particularly about fear wanting to master you is so very true. That was something that Burbrick was talking about in his article – that he was teaching children to become masters of their fear, rather than the other way round. Thank you for sharing this poignant post of Sunshine Sundays. xx

  3. Emma Fahy Davis

    Do you know what I found hardest about this week’s prompt? Separating fear from anxiety. That’s a massive struggle for me, and as I read through your words here I found myself seamlessly substituting ‘fear’ for ‘anxiety’ and nodding along. We can’t let either of them win!


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